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Berwick M Davenport

What sort of man travels around the world teaching women and men how to have Mind-blowing InnerCourse™ (MBI)? Someone who knows that we all desire passionate penetration of our minds and spirits, leading to the discovery of our personal pleasures and powers—and someone who knows that, through the insidious pop culture of consumerism-as-fulfillment that we have created, most women have been robbed of this deep self-knowing.

Berwick Mahdi Davenport is a contemporary relationship specialist and the Founder and CEO of Move Your Stick, an international educational consulting company dedicated to inspiring people to shift their perspectives and to grow. He created a revolutionary method to shift relationships called Mind-Blowing InnerCourse™. His Mind-Blowing InnerCourse™ focuses on the relationships we have with ourselves, with the premise that when this core bond is strong, it sets the bar for every other interaction in life. Davenport is also co-founder, with Michelle Paul, of the Ultimate Woman's Project in Houston, Texas. Through Ultimate Woman’s Project, he helps women regain a sense of their own pleasure-power and activate their lives.

Davenport is a Core-Trainer with The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond. It's an international training organization known for their award-winning Understanding & Undoing Racism/Community Organizing™ workshop. A graduate of McNeese State University in Social Work, and of Landmark Education, he brings to the table more than 20 years experience speaking, facilitating, and coaching individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions. 

His absolute greatest accomplishment is parenting his four beautiful daughters. Through them, he has honed is ability to really listen to women and connect intimately with them, to recognize their strengths, and to marvel at their contributions.

Davenport’s other written works include It's Time, The Race is Over – To Open A Black Man's Eyes – The Laws and Principles of Relationship Fitness and The Art of Life Recycling, and Thirteen Secrets to a Spiritual Culture. To experience your own Mind-Blowing InnerCourse, visit To book Berwick Mahdi Davenport, contact the Move Your Stick office at 877-229-8880 or email

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Berwick M Davenport

Mind-Blowing InnerCourse

Berwick M Davenport

Pleasure is power! Mind-Blowing InnerCourse reveals how to penetrate your pleasure to unleash your power and climax to personal greatness.

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