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Silvia Chindea

I could write an entire novel about me, I really could! :)

My name is Silvia Chindea and I am a Romanian crime novelist. If you like the classic stories with policemen, amateur detectives, murders and mysteries, it means that we have something in common.

After twenty years that I have written thousands of pages, after a dozen of unpublished novels and poems, after an educational and professional experience in advertising, the time for me to follow this crazy passion arrived: I am a debutant writer.

My life has had different milestones and each one of them has made me become who I am today. Reading literature has been a part of my life since I was a little girl and my strongest interest has always revolved around crime and mystery novels and white line poetry.

I started to write in high-school and this passion evolved with the new blogging era, nine years ago. On September 21st, 2006, my first blog post was published. Since then, I've written more than one thousand short stories, on different subjects.

My life's approach has led me to "Communications & PR" Faculty and later on, to obtain a masters in advertising. I was an 'advertising girl' for many years until I decided that I wanted much more. So in 2009 I started my own company and handled all the marketing and communication activities for it. Only last year, after the loss of my father, I sold my business and I fully committed to writing and finishing my first novel.

I’m a socially-active person, who loves Facebook and Instagram. If you want to get to know me better and stay in touch, please don’t be shy and open the doors to my world. My novels may be about crimes and murderers, but my social media presence is very positive and real.

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Silvia Chindea

Six Matryoshka Dolls

Silvia Chindea

This book revives the classic stories with detectives, ingenious criminals and innocent victims, in a fast-paced and alert style.

Literary Fiction