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Prince Jay

Professionally, I am a writer, poet, and songwriter. I am also a philosopher and bible scholar. After leaving high school, I embarked on the practice of the transcendental meditation. After just one year, I found my writing muse; and I started writing novels. From there I branched to poetry and songwriting. My first book titled THE YOUNGEST KING OF HUNTERS was entered into the national book lists for lower secondary schools five years ago; I've written five fiction books;three non-fiction books; I've about fifty poems and sixty songs, all of which are pending publication.
Even though I have written dozens of great works, I am still looking for that big break in publishing.

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Prince Jay

Total Doom

Prince Jay

An action-packed story with powerful magical characters and personalities, it's a thrilling portrayal of the final battle--the Armageddon.

Literary Fiction
Prince Jay

The Only Way To Stay Healthier And Lo...

Prince Jay ยท 1 publisher interested

A book that brings solutions to the ever-increasing and formidable challenges of life in the most thorough and sure-fire way.

Prince Jay

Philosophical Competence

Prince Jay

A book of wisdom that brings concrete answers to all philosophical questions and topics, as well as bringing rare truths to the light.