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Carlo Cretaro

Carlo Cretaro is a keen photographer and loves showcasing his travels through his photos. With his mix of Irish and Italian roots, it was probably inevitable that Carlo would develop a serious case of wanderlust.

As it turned out, his first bite from the travel bug occurred as a result of a trip to Las Vegas back in 2005 for a solo poker trip. Exactly how much was lost in stakes that day has been forever obscured by the mists of time, but Carlo gained much more than he lost. That journey was the catalyst that sparked the jump into a life of freedom and adventure which would not have been possible otherwise.

Day by day, his passion for travel continued to grow, and so too did his desire to tell the tale and inspire others to follow in his footsteps. Not being a natural born writer, Carlo put his faith in his trusty digital SLR camera—after all, what better way is there to tell as story than visually?

This subsequently led to him becoming a co-creator of "Next Stop Who Knows?" – a travel/lifestyle blog. Over time, the blog has earned a serious following from people who share a love of adventure and a desire to change their lives for the better.

Naturally, with the on-going success of the blog, the logical step was for Carlo and Florence to release their first book, "The Next Stop Who Knows Guide", with the aim to show people how to emulate Carlo and Florence's location independent lifestyle.

With this book, "A Picture of India", we have followed the same tradition of providing a practical travel book, but we've gone a step further by inviting you to see the country just as we did, even if only through the huge collection of incredible photos we've assembled in this hefty tome.

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Carlo Cretaro

A Picture of India

Carlo Cretaro

In this book we document our long journey through India, with a feast of photos to give an authentic taste of the Indian travel experience.