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Dianne Michels

Dianne Michels

Dianne Michels is a passionate HR Futurist, DePaul University graduate, DePaul certified Mediator, YWCA Metro Cgo CHRO, first female VP of a Fortune 500 company, has worked extensively as an external HR consultant and internal HR leader in a broad range of enterprises to combine the theoretical and the practical for impactful, bottom line results and possibility partners cultures that ignite the unleashing of potential, accountability, and innovation.

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About the author

Dianne is a passionate Human Resources practitioner who has combined her communication and relationship skills with organizational and human development expertise to create workplaces where people are confident, competent, authentic, engaged, and empowered, as they develop a new relationship with their work of participation, contribution, and self-expression. 

Her extensive background, ranging from Fortune 500 companies (one in which she became their first female vice president) to a major Chicago not-for-profit where she served as their Chief Possibility Officer, has enabled her to develop in-depth expertise in creating and executing strategic plans, practical infrastructures, efficient processes, and holistic systems that result in significantly impacting an enterprise's success, along with the success of its individuals. 

Dianne has also held various HR leadership roles in international public relations firms such as Ketchum and Fleishman-Hillard, along with entrepreneurial startups and mom and pop shops, including pretzel making, sports and event marketing, medical market research, disaster restoration, and printing services.  In the 90's she launched a career consulting business, Making Change . . . Discover and Do Work You Love and in the early 2000's she launched SerendipityHR, a human resources consulting firm.

She resides in a northern suburb of Chicago and is the mother of two daughters, a nana for five grandchildren and four granddogs. A fierce advocate of diversity, equality, and inclusion, Dianne joined a group of work colleagues in an overnight bus trip to Washington, DC, to attend the Women's March on Washington in January of 2017.
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Success! Rearchitecting Work! has already sold 20 pre-orders , was pitched to 7 publishers , and will be published by Mystery School Press .

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Rearchitecting Work!

Unleashing Potential, Purpose, and Power in the Workplace

Rearchitecting Work! is a paradigm shift from a focus on performance management to a focus on unleashing people's potential, championed by an enterprising and impact-oriented Human Resources function. The importance of business results does not change, but HOW those results are achieved is radically altered, with a blueprint that also changes the hearts and minds of the participants.

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Corporate Culture
16,000 words
100% complete
3 publishers interested


 Possibility Partners Workplaces . . . Rearchitecting Work! shifts the workplace paradigm from a focus on performance management to a focus on unleashing people’s potential. The importance of business results does not change, but HOW they are achieved is dramatically altered, with a blueprint that also changes the hearts and minds of the participants. 

Given HR’s expanded leadership role in responding to COVID-19, they are perfectly positioned to lead this workplace transformation, evidenced by 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends study, which states, “How can HR use this window of opportunity to move from a functional mindset to an enterprise and impact mindset? One that expands HR’s focus and extends its influence from process to mission, from the worker to the human, and from managing workers to re-architecting work?” Their 2021 survey also showed that 61% of their executives are shifting focus from work optimization and redesign toward work reimagination, with only 29% indicating that prior to the pandemic.

Possibility Partners Workplaces . . .  Rearchitecting Work! provides the following key takeaways:
·        A comprehensive framework for rearchitecting
         workplaces with an innovative focus on "unleashing
         potential," replacing the more traditional focus on 
        "performance management"        
·        Clear guidelines for developing and embedding possibility
          partners relationships as a cultural norm
·        Best Practices for engaging in Possibility Partners 
          conversations that enhance mutual trust and respect,
          while resulting in new possibilities for productivity, 
          collaboration, and innovation


Chapter 1: Stepping Up And Speaking Out . . . HR’s unimagined value when CEOs and HR align on its impact
· HR/CEO co-creating 100% alignment for the model
· Key shifts in perspectives, relationships, &  communications     to support the transition
Chapter 2: When HR Is No Longer The Policy Police . . . Everyone can be a paradigm shift champion
· Gaining leadership buy-in
· Key plan development & implementation components
Chapter 3: The Power Of Possibility . . . A new operating system for how we get work done here
· Possibility Partners paradigm shifts defined
· Two major shifts in our relationships explained
Chapter 4: An Empowerment Leadership Structure Or Caste System . . . Power WITH vs. Power OVER relationships
·The fallacies of “walks on water” leaders
· Explore power and caste system hierarchies
Chapter 5: Accountability Or Blame And Shame . . .Inspiring Results Ownership
· Difference between accountability & ownership for results
· Conditions for agency & autonomy
Chapter 6: Igniting Results: Contributing Our Value Vs. Proving Our Worth . . . Replacing annual reviews
· Transforming the student/teacher relationships
· Creating what’s next vs. fixing what’s so
Chapter 7: Participating, Contributing, Self-Expressing . . . I have to know you care about my career before I can commit to yours, Mr. or Ms. CEO
· Four vital components for a career growth infrastructure
· Three major categories of work motivations
Chapter 8: Unconscious Bias Is No Longer An Excuse . . . a successful DEI program is a possibility
· Quit hiring for culture fit when the culture is white culture!       Chapter 9: Recruiting: Creating Raving Fans . . . From dreadful to a delightful process 
· Missed opportunity costs for HR with replacement hiring
· Radical empathy relationship approach
Chapter 10: Communications: So Tell Me How You Really Feel . . . Is it really safe for me to be honest here
· Two key factors that stifle authentic communications
· Why is transparency so difficult


Possibility Partners Workplaces: Rearchitecting Work! is written primarily for progressive, futuristic-oriented Human Resources professionals and CEOs who care about people and the human impact the HR function can have on people’s lives, along with the overall impact on the enterprise.  

With that in mind, the Possibility Partners paradigm explained in this book is viable in its application for anyone who wants to expand their understanding of how they might be more fulfilled in their work and their relationships, whether at work or in their families. It was written with an intentional simplicity, practicality, and accessibility that would enable people to shift the quality of their relationships and of their work lives by changing how they think about themselves, their work, their relationships, and life itself. This is a practical, rather than an academic approach to enhancing our experience of work and each other.

According to HR Market Smarts, the number of CEOs in the US is 195,530, the number of businesses with 50-99 employees is 295,544, with almost two million HR profiles on LinkedIn, and 250,000 members in SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, the world’s largest association devoted to HR management. Additional research is needed to break down this market into the “ideal” prospect for targeted outreach.


Book Pre-Publication Promotion Plans:

· Weekly blog of 100 words max highlighting Possibility
   Partners Workplaces: Rearchitecting Work concepts
· semi-monthly, one-on-one, 60-minute podcasts of
  Possibility Partners Conversations with innovative HR and
  CEO thought leaders, as well as ordinary people making
  extraordinary contributions as Possibility Partners
  unleashing potential, purpose, power, and passion posted on, LinkedIn and FB pages
       o   LinkedIn with 500+ connections
       o   FB with 313 friends
· website page highlighting Possibility
  Partners Workplaces with bonus pre-publication offers   o  Bonus Offer 1: 1 copy @ $14.95, two additional copies 50 off        = total $29.90/3 copies
  o  Bonus Offer 2: 10 copies @$9.95 + free 60-minute virtual
       possibility conversation workshop – total $99.50/10 + free
o   Bonus Offer 3: 15 copies @ $7.50 + 50% discounted one-               on-one, 90-minute virtual HR coaching session @$150 =
       total $262.50
o   Bonus Offer 4: 20 copies @$7.50 + 50% discounted ½                     day onsite workplace Possibility Partners                                             Workplaces organization readiness assessment @ $750 =
       total $900 + travel
· Research publications and requirements for submitting
   articles about Possibility Partners Workplaces
   o   Fast Company
   o   Chicago Tribune
   o   Crain’s Chicago
·  Weekly “Thought For The Day/HR Trends” mailings to
    expand existing network of 200 people
 · Explore Sponsored 4-month Major City RV Possibility 
    Partners Tour to promote prepublication sales
    o   Plans in development to approach Howard Schultz,
          Starbucks, or other Conscious Capitalist CEOs re
          sponsorship possibilities to promote book concepts as a
          “Possibility Partners” rearchitecting workplace 
    o   Plans in development to approach Barnes & Noble and/or
          independent booksellers for sponsorship possibilities
          §  Use their facilities to host 7:30 AM breakfast Possibility
               Partners conversations and Wine-at-5 Possibility
               Partners conversations


1.     Juliet’s School of Possibilities: A Little Story About The Power of Priorities, by Laura Vanderkam, Publisher Portfolio, 3/12/19 publication date
a.     Central theme described as “Expectations are infinite. Time is finite. You are always choosing. Choose well.. . . the messages will, I think resonate especially with moms . . .

2.     The Possibilities by Karl Hart Hemmings, Simon Schuster, 5/13/14 publication date
a.     “. . .   a funny, insightful, and unsentimental (People 4 stars) novel about a grieving mother and the shocking surprise that may help her reclaim her hold on life.”

3.     Partners for Possibility 2010-2020 Stories of Impact by Louise Rhyn, Theo Garrun, Publisher Knowledge Resources Pty Ltd, 5/1/20 publication date
a.     “. . . what can happen when you think in terms of possibility instead of deficiency. . . when people say yes.. . Partners for Possibility . . . has brokered trailblazing partnerships between business leaders and school principals . . . dedicated to changing South Africa’s ailing education system.. “

4.     Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Processes for a Culture of Continuous Improvement by Cheryl M. Jekiel, 9/7/10 publication date
a.     “Cheryl M. Jekiel, who has been implementing Lean initiatives out of HR offices for more than 20 years, defines the people-related approaches and practices required for success.

5.     Everybody MATTERS: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like FAMILY by Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry Wehmiller and Raj Sisodia, Co-Author of Conscious Capitalism, Portfolio/Penguin New York, 2015 publication date
a.     “In this well-written book, Chapman and Sisodia trace the journey Barry-Wehmiller made from a company focused on KPI’s to a company focused on building a Business Family – not a family business, but a business family dedicated to the sustainability of the business using the philosophy of taking care of people.”

6.     Making Work Human: How Human-Centered Companies Are Changing The Future of Work And The World by Eric Mosley & Derek Irvine (co-founders of Workhuman 20 years ago), McGraw Hill, 2020
a.     Company founded on the premise of gratitude . . . that giving and receiving gratitude would improve performance in any business. Very tech and data driven. Customers include Cisco, JetBlue, LinkedIn, Merck, Intuit, P&G. This book is the closest to valuing people similarly to Possibility Partner Workplaces but is still not a new workplace paradigm.

3 publishers interested
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    Sounds Great!

    Keep Up the Good Work!

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    Can't wait, it sounds amazing!

    Keep up the great work!

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    Congratulations on the completion of your book! Very exciting!

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    Very excited to see your great work and have others learn!

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    on April 14, 2021, 6:37 p.m.

    I am looking forward to reading your book, Dianne. I know you have so many wonderful and effective ideas on this topic, one that the workplace needs. Thanks. Joyce Lofstrom

  • Charles Silverstein
    on April 16, 2021, 8:09 p.m.

    So proud of you and excited to receive the book in the mail and see your name on it. Oh yeah, and then read it. ; - )

    Congratulations Di. Wishing you much success and fulfillment. Chuck S.