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Dr. Michael Cotton

Dr. Michael Cotton

Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Michael Cotton is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture and the brain. He founded Higher Brain Living® and EPOCH6 | The New Human.

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About the author

Dr. Michael Cotton is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture and the brain. With over 2 decades of experience in personal and cultural transformation, he founded the internationally known ‘Higher Brain Living® movement’ as well as ‘EPOCH6 | The New Human’. Michael graduated on the National Deans List and holds a doctorate in Chiropractic. He is the founder and director of the Higher Brain Living Institute in Chicago, IL. and is an authority on Integral meta-philosophy. His life’s work is creating integral systems that activate latent energy in the body, awaken the higher brain, enlighten the mind and set hearts on fire to create a new world. He is now introducing the world to the distillation of over 2 decades of his research and development with, ‘Source Code Meditation’, Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation'.
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Source Code Meditation

Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation

Source Code Meditation is a guidebook to activate latent energy in your body, awaken your higher brain, enlighten your mind and set your heart on fire to create a new world.

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Mind & Body Meditation
80,000 words
75% complete
11 publishers interested


Source Code Meditation is a guidebook to activate latent energy in your body, awaken your higher brain, enlighten your mind and set your heart on fire to create a new world.

The human brain is like a flowing river of potential. Until now, that river has been blocked, barricaded and diverted by the primitive lower brain. This lower brain diversion hijacks
our ability to experience deeper flow and higher transcendent states of consciousness. It also guards against the full expression of the passionate human heart. Source Code Meditation (SCM) is effortlessly re-routing that lower brain diversion—setting humanity free.

Source Code Meditation is different. I mean really different. More that just a meditation technique, SCM is an integral evolutionary system that activates latent energy in your body, awakens your higher brain, enlightens your mind and sets your heart on fire to create a new world. 

As valuable as traditional meditation techniques can be, they have very real limitations. Most meditation techniques attempt to use the mind to change the mind. This is akin to asking the fox to guard the hen house.  Most meditation techniques, given enough time (often decades of practice for hours each day) and with enough intense focus, confer on the advanced meditators significant changes not only in the mind, but they also lead to large scale changes in the higher brain. These physical brain changes allow easier access, and greater sustainability for the desired advanced meditative states of mind. Few of us
make it to these rarified states of mind, because few of us create the requisite changes in the brain. The amount of time and the intensity of focus needed, while “using the mind to change the mind” until the brain changes, is just too arduous for most of us modern humans. Dropping out of society, living in a cave and spending hours every day examining the workings of our mind is just not an option. 

There has been a breakthrough. A hack, if you will and I am going to teach it to you in this book.  Consider this; what if it were possible to mobilize latent energy in the body and direct it in a way that energized the higher brain immediately before meditation? And AFTER the higher brain was awakened, THEN
introduce a powerful new meditation technique? Traditional meditation approaches require us to ‘put the cart before the horse’ by directing our focus inwards, without the higher brain being prepped and tuned to receive it.

Now, imagine if you could -indeed if the world could- increase brain metabolism and use that energy to tune the higher brain centers to efficiently  receive the meditation that follows?  Changing the brain BEFORE meditation, changes the rules of the game, and leads to quantum breakthroughs in higher consciousness.  But there’s more…much more with SCM.

Once you discover how to FIRST energize your higher brain and access deep flow states and transcendent states of consciousness what are you going to do with that new potential? Who are you going to become and how?  Another challenge with most meditation techniques is the lack of direction or integral understanding regarding  ‘what comes next’.

After higher states of consciousness are finally experienced, how do you engage the life process? With other meditation techniques, if one was committed (and maybe even lucky) enough to access deeper and higher meditative states, how
were they to live from that new awareness? Most meditation has little to offer beyond encouraging a daily meditation practice.  Source Code Meditation is a complete holistic experience and lifestyle. SCM provides a simplified step-by-step guided process that is derived and distilled from the world’s most comprehensive and sophisticated philosophy called 'Integral Meta-Theory'. 

SCM not only provides the breakthrough Meditation but also the 'Map and Means' to live from your new meditative awakenings. SCM offers us not just a way to create the brain state necessary to change the mind, but the crystal
clarity as to how to use these advanced meditative states to actualize your potential and live your destiny. 


The current Dalai Lama meditates for four hours each morning, and he says that it is hard work. He elaborates that if neuroscience can construct a way in which he can reap the rewards without going through the practice each morning, he would adopt the innovation.

Part One

Source Code Meditation  

Towards a 21st century Enlightenment

Chapter 1– A new brain a new beginning

·      The Angel Lobes, a 21st century brain 

·      The higher brain and emotions that drive change

·      The higher brain and higher order thoughts

·      The higher brain and spiritual experience

·      Mind and Brain, two irreducible perspectives of one holism

·      Shocking evidence for untapped brain potential

·      Your new brains architecture has arrived but…

·      The ‘silent area’ is about to roar!

·      The Higher brain awakening opens the higher heart

·      A 21st century renaissance 

Chapter 2- Your Stone Age brain is eating you alive

·      Fear, the baseline emotion of the lower brain

·      Health and the lower brain- mutually incompatible

·      Why ‘self-help’ rarely helps 

·      Psychotherapy and life coaching overpowered by lower brain primitive biology

·      Traditional meditation/mindfulness overpowered by lower brain primitive biology

·      SCM the solution

Chapter 3 – New activation energy for your higher brain

·      An evolution of the ancient energy of transformation

·      The science of the energy of transformation and its pathways

·      Your higher brain and its fuel source find each other

·      Higher brain mechanisms for the energy of transformation

Chapter 4- Bringing your higher brain state to all areas of your life

·      Lower brain feedback, arrested development in the 4 dimensions of life

·      Using the higher brain flow state to free your stuck life energy

·      Higher Brain flow state to your Body

·      Higher Brain flow state to your Mind

·      Higher Brain flow state to your Relationships

·      Higher Brain flow state to your Environment

Chapter 5 – The evolution of cortex, consciousness, culture

·      Adapting versus transforming

·      States versus Stations

·      Transformations in the cortex

·      Transformations in consciousness

·      Transformations in culture

Chapter 6 - What’s wrong with where we are?

·       Are we running out of time?

·       Before the “momentous leap”

·       Pre-modern crisis: Modern technology, co-opted by Stone Age brains

·       Modern Crisis: Materialism- misdirecting the evolutionary impulse

·       Post-modern Crisis:  Hijacked by narcissism, paralyzed by consensus

·       Our future is not in our past

·      The ‘Cultural Creatives’ - poised to transform the world

Chapter 7 - The Architects of Epoch 6

·      Evolution = Spirit in action

·      Are you really 13.8 billion years old?

·      The evolutionary impulse is living you

·      The good, the true, and the beautiful

·      The new enlightenment  (Classical enlightenment+ Authentic Self  + Evolution)

·      The world needs you now

Chapter 8 - Transpersonal energy dynamics

·      My daydream of entanglement

·       Heart resonance and energetic relationships

·      Gross, Subtle, Causal energy

·      Social networks and quantum connections.

·      A proposed carrier vehicle for consciousness beyond physical death

Chapter 9- Hacking evolution with Source Code Meditation

·      Evolution expanded

·      Meta-evolution

·      Wings without flight, brains without breakthrough

·      Higher human purpose as the new driver of evolution

·      Conscious choice, a new mechanism in evolution

·      Higher brain guided genetics- turn on your ‘Thrive DNA'

Part Two

Source Code Meditation 

The Means, Mirror and Map

Chapter 10- how does it work? 

·       Don’t bite my hand, look where I am pointing

·      The 4 breakthroughs of SCM

·       We have cracked the code! 

·       Merging breath, touch and intent into the subtle energy pathways 

·       Focused intent and the miracle of context

·      Turning on your new brain; promoting Salutogenic energy

Chapter 11– The way to Arête

·      When you’re starving God can only appear to you as bread

·       Evolving in 4 dimensions

·      Hacking the 10,000 hour rule

·      Merging during SCM

·      Thrive-style discovery (affirmed through Salutogenic energy)

Chapter 12– promoting the emergence of your Authentic Self

·      Cultivating your observer

·      Finding your ‘why’

·      Living on purpose

·      The Soul Essence + Authentic Self, discovery technique

Chapter 13- Source Code Shadow Integration

·      Shadows and the lower brain

·      Integrating Shadow in 4 Dimensions

Part Three

Source Code Meditation

The three Awakenings

Chapter 14- Awakening One

·      Classical Enlightenment

Chapter 15 - Awakening Two

·      Unity Enlightenment

Chapter 16 - Awakening Three

·      Evolutionary Unitary Enlightenment

Chapter 17- The architects of epoch 6, will you lead this movement?

·      What does it mean to lead?

·      Skillful means

·      Head, heart and spine

Chapter 18 – Amplifying the SCM technique and creating a new culture- let’s get together!

·      How context changes everything

·      You cannot, not show up

·      Shape your path

·      Mirror neurons

·      Worldwide SCM days


Demographers have noted a group called ‘inward alternative seekers’ that comprise approximately 17% of the US population and as much as 10% worldwide. These numbers are growing as our collective search for meaning grows. The post-modern predicament that we currently find ourselves in has left us devoid of purpose and meaning and sent us searching. Source Code Meditation unlocks the answers deep within humanity and provides not only the revolutionary new meditation technique but also the map and means to self-actualize.

SCM is pragmatic and smart, yet speaks from the heart. Deeply rooted in science, SCM is a paradigm shifter and change agent like Elon Musk, as revolutionary as the spiritual teacher, Ken Wilber. As mystical and mind-expanding as Rumi and as breakthrough, metaphysical and commercially viable as The Matrix.

SCM is based on the most progressive knowledge of 21st century neuroscience, with roots in ancient wisdom that dates back to yogi mystics 5,000 ago


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Eckhart Tolle

Deepak Chopra

Elizabeth Gilbert

Integral Life Practice

Code of the extraordinary mind

Ken Wilber 

Brene Brown

Marianne Williamson

Ziva meditation

TM meditation


11 publishers interested
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I am going to take you on the same search that I committed two and a half decades of my life to. We will journey deep into the world of human potential and I will show you what I found. We’re going to trace a path that starts nearly 5,000 years ago in caves of India. It was here that spiritual adepts were amongst the first to discover a mysterious energy in the human body, devoting their lives to techniques and practices that would awaken this energy. These adepts committed all of their waking hours to the rare possibility of directing this sacred energy into their brains to transform their minds. They had stumbled upon the ‘missing link’ and were experimenting and searching for the key that they believed could end human suffering and deliver us from the despair of our own impending mortality. They isolated themselves from the distractions of society and dedicated themselves to decades of practice in the hopes of mobilizing this mysterious energy and attaining transformations of their consciousness.

The ultimate in these sought after transformations of consciousness was the ‘enlightenment experience’, a departure from ordinary reality so radical that it left the bewildered seeker with direct and immediate answers to the time immemorial questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What does it all mean? Attaining the enlightenment experience felt as if one had been asleep their whole life and had just woke from a dream. This enlightened consciousness conferred a sense of oneness, connection and belonging that did not have to be (and could not be) intellectualized or ‘figured out’. This new state simply provided understanding on a deep and profound level beyond the rational minds capacity. In this state what was directly experienced was a deep sense of being and bliss and a knowing how everything in the universe fit together with wholeness and meaning. These rare ancient realizers had in effect experienced a new mind with which to know themselves and the cosmos. The legendary orations and sacred writings describing these advanced states of consciousness were so powerful that seekers gave up everything to pursue them.

Unfortunately, what I did not find in my intensive search and deep inquiry into pre-modern as well as modern approaches to human potential, were the vehicles, techniques or practices capable of ushering in this higher consciousness for the masses. For that matter, not many practices or techniques have ever really created rapid sustainable transformative change of any kind in large populations of people.

Within all cultures, past and present, there have always been a few rare individuals who plummeted into this new leading edge of enlightenment consciousness. An awakening that was so far beyond the cultural understandings that they often faced sever repercussions for even talking about it. The great realizers are legend, so are the martyrs. From Christ, to Krishna to the Buddha, the message was the same; ‘we can wake up to a new reality’. Those rare individuals that accessed this new awareness reported a direct merging of their individual consciousness with that of the divine.

What science has now informed us of is that the 'enlightenment ‘states’ of consciousness are associated with the biological evolution of various brain structures. As we pursue higher consciousness, we must enact higher layers of brain evolution. They arise as irreducibly related aspects of each other, an unfolding brain/consciousness dynamic.

This higher brain/consciousness dynamic has yet to fully emerge anywhere within the great spiral of human development. But I am convinced, based on my experience and new research (some of which has been conducted at the Higher Brain Living Institute in Chicago IL, founded to research and develop the concepts in this book) that our odds today are better then ever. What you may not know is that the ‘missing link’ to this enlightened state of consciousness, is the same ‘missing link’ that keeps many of us stuck in bad relationships, unfulfilling careers, unhealthy habits and keeps us apathetic about our lives. The ‘missing link’ that leads towards our enlightenment is the ability to connect the sacred energy in the human body with the slumbering higher human brain.

The science based Source Code Meditation technique will guide you in the mobilization of latent subtle energy in your body, teaching you a technique to introduce information in the form of touch, breath and intention into the subtle energy pathways of your body. The mobilized latent energy will increase metabolism in your higher brain and awaken flow states of consciousness. As the liberated subtle energy supercharges your brains performance it simultaneously loosens the grip of your older lower, Stone-Age brain’s dominance. Once your brain is upgraded and enlightened flow states of consciousness are readily accessible, you are guided through a system that will transform any and all stuck areas in your life so that you can free your Authentic Self and source your truth from deep purposeful trans-rational modes of knowing.

Sample 2:

Nearly two thousand years ago in the ancient city of Alexandria the wise philosopher Plotinus declared, “humankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts”. I think he got this right and I think modern neuroscience confirms it. We humans have an unconscious; primitive lower region of our brain, that’s purpose was to insure our survival in a dangerous, brutal and hostile world. This old part of our brain evolved at a time when the environment was predator rich. Although predators are no longer lurking around every rock and tree, this ‘Stone-Age’ brain of ours still functions at an ever-vigilant capacity, and usually without our conscious knowledge or choice. In the modern world continuing to live from a 'lower brain' center of gravity has devastating consequences. The primitive lower brains unconscious responses to life, halts our development into higher consciousness and stifles our potential for more creativity, insight and meaningful lives. We are continuously cycled back into a life of familiar (even if negative), thoughts, circumstances, relationships and environments, because to the lower brain, sameness equals safety.

In our 21st century lives these primitive lower brain survival mechanisms are at odds with the potential of our ‘higher self’, a potential that lies slumbering in our most newly emerged, yet largely dormant, higher brain. The higher human brain seeks creativity, change and growth, but below our conscious threshold the old lower - and still dominant - brain has its grip on our life. The unconscious lower brain reacts to the prospect of significant life change (even if positive) as though it were going headlong into the unknown, an unknown that may very well harbor dangerous predators. Thus the lower brain is 'change adverse' and always defaults to life strategies that would have kept us safe in a pre-modern, hostile, predator rich world. Safety, to put it simply, means ‘stay the same’.

So here we are, poised “midway between the gods and the beasts”, midway between the higher and the lower brain. Stuck. Seeing glimpses of our transcendence and yet always pulled back down into old familiar patterns. Are we destined to live in the lower brain states of fear, sameness, stress, anxiety and apathy, merely ‘surviving’? If so, why are we equipped with this largely dormant higher brain? Modern Neuroscience informs us that the higher human brain, particularly the ‘prefrontal cortex’ when energized is associated with intuition and insight, elevated emotional states and advanced states of consciousness, and yet, this remarkable capacity of our brain slumbers.

Our higher brain is largely silent, and as remarkable as that is, it appears as though it isn’t the only thing that slumbers in the human body. Perhaps you have heard of a ‘dormant energy’ in the body, an energy that’s awakening has been the subject of sacred doctrines since time immemorial. This quiescent energy has been known of for millennia and revered by ancient healing arts and wisdom traditions east and west. Sacred texts inform us that when this energy is activated it flows along pathways in the body, positively impacting health, wellbeing and expanding consciousness. Imagine what changes await us if this energy were better understood and could be consistently mobilized and cultivated as an ‘activation energy’ for the higher brain. What if, bear with me here; this energy source in the body had actually evolved concurrent with the new higher brain structures and was part of a circuit that could bring much needed fuel to evolutions most advanced accomplishment, the higher human brain? What if, however, the arresting pull of the lower brain had never quite loosened its grip enough so that this sublime energy could come ‘on-line’, complete its circuit to the higher brain and bring to life the revolutionary potential locked within the highest aspects of our central nervous systems?

Thousands of years since the first discoveries of these mysterious pathways in the body and the energy they harbor, Source Code Mediation has 'cracked the code' to liberate this sacred energy. SCM provides a consistent, repeatable and teachable way to introduce information in the form of breath, touch and intention into the subtle energy pathways in your body. This uniquely introduced code of information promotes a release of the latent energy that astonishingly directs itself to your higher brain. Our higher brain, the ‘crown of creation’, having yet to metabolize sufficiently, and yet to awaken fully, can thus begin to fulfill its evolutionary potential. This potential I believe is nothing short of a new beginning for humankind. A transcendence of fear motivated, survival based living, replaced by a fully awake and enlightened new human and culture.

Imagine a world where the lower brain would still be available to protect us if needed, but the brains ‘command center’ would shift to the higher more recently evolved new brain. This highest part of the brain would awaken in all of humanity and the associated higher states of consciousness could be directed towards all areas of life. Could joy, purpose, passion and meaning, become our new baseline in life? Even enlightenment? Could we create heaven on earth? I believe we can. If a ‘significant minority’ commit to this shift from the lower stress brain to the higher enlightened brain and learn to live from this new awakened state, influence spreads beyond that significant minority and the ultimate result could only be a beautiful new world for all of us. I am on fire with this possibility! Will you join me?

Sample 3:

In Advanced Buddhist practices the 'Bodhisattva vow' takes one beyond the freedom of classical enlightenment and into the fullness of caring for all beings. Enlightenment is liberation, but the Bodhisattva cannot rest until all sentient beings are free. This unconditional love and compassion is heart-based. ‘heart’ is not just a metaphor, our actual heart is a powerful physiological structure thats potential transcends the mere pumping of blood to the body. Just as we have discovered much more potential in the human brain, we are also recognizing higher potentials in the human heart.

The human heart throughout history has been associated with love and compassion and is now known, through modern science, to be a center of dense neurologically rich tissue, another brain of sorts. The awakened higher brain leads to an experience of transcendence and flow while the awakened higher heart leads to the felt sense and embodiment of compassion and love. The continued shift away from a lower brain stress center of gravity and towards higher brain flow states leads to a reduction in fear. The lower brains instinctual drive to protect the status quo and perceive life as a struggle is transcended. This brain shift provides an opening for the higher heart to emerge. As the higher heart emerges within the fearless flow state of the awakened higher brain, the higher heart can begin to takes its place as a major pace setter of your life. SCM promotes the synchronization of these two emergent structures and the corollary consciousness states of transcendence and love. An embodied enlightenment.

Continuing forward on the SCM path, the resonant pull of these two powerful and integrated biological structures begins to reconfigure all of the evolutionary brain layers and all systems of the body into an emergent whole. This shift is not just a transcendence of the previous evolutionary layers of the brain but a transformation of them into the service of the higher brain/higher heart dynamic. Simultaneously, all previous states and stages of consciousness are seamlessly integrated into a whole, enabling the potential for a new type of enlightened consciousness to emerge. As you liberate the sacred energy in your body, the powerful and integrally informed approach of Source Code Meditation awakens this new consciousness by introducing specifically designed meditative techniques during the higher brain and higher heart peak physiological states. Importantly SCM provides the' map and means' to live that awakening and to show up in the life process in such a deep and purposeful way that these peak states become converted to permanent traits.

During the Dark Ages it It was a relatively small number of leading edge experimenters, radicals and unorthodox believers that ushered in what's now known as 'renaissance consciousness'. A few hundred years ago from the renaissance an entirely new word view took hold and changed the entire landscape of humanity. You and I can be that next 'significant minority' by creating the physiology necessary to catalyze the emergence of a new consciousness and culture, a new renaissance. I know its bold, but thats what this book is about. With humility, and with the understanding that this next world transformation is bigger and beyond any one book or technique, we however have a powerful contributor in Source Code Meditation. Your bonus for being part of this new avant-garde of SCM practitioners, is that as you self-actualize, as you source deep personal joy and happiness, as you create meaning and abundance in your life, you are striking a match that sparks the flame of wide-spread cultural change. It takes enlightened individuals to create an enlightened world. It's a win-win.

Sample 4:

Modern cosmology traces the origin of the universe back some 13.8 billion years to a beginning of space, time, energy and matter. Our modern scientific story goes something like this; first there was nothing and then from nothing came an explosion, a Big Bang. Next a boiling soup of matter and energy burst forward, out of nowhere, while simultaneously ‘time and space' came into being. Over the next 13.8 billion years this fiery exploding undifferentiated matter/energy soup mysteriously organized itself -as it moved forward in space/time -in such a way that it became 'alive'. Life then continued this mysterious evolutionary pattern, the further it evolved the more organized and complex the original exploding big bang stuff became. While this gross matter (big bang stuff) was evolving another related stream of evolution was simultaneously occurring. As the original exterior matter/energy became more complex, the interior consciousness within these life forms also became more complex and ‘awake.’ Modern science has now informed us that the most complex and highly organized piece of matter in the known universe is the higher human brain. And yet it slumbers, architecturally available but not yet functionally optimized.

SCM seeks to optimize the vast latent potential of the higher physical brain, so that we can live from the higher consciousness that it should be in relationship to.

Now let’s take a moment and contemplate this stunning cosmic evolutionary process. That point -13.8 billion years ago- that physics and cosmology declared was nothing couldn’t really have been nothing, right? Something doesn’t come from nothing, zero is not supposed to equal zero, is it? ‘Zero’ shouldn’t in any way be able to form the beginnings of a universe. So what really existed prior to space, time, matter, energy and manifestation? What was there before the big bang? It couldn't really have been 'nothing' because we have also been informed by science that something never comes from nothing. So what was there before the universe was born? What existed prior to the big bang and outside of space/time which had yet to come into being?

is there some-thing infinite and eternal, without beginning or end? All of the worlds wisdom traditions tell us that there is and that we can know THAT as an experiential truth. I agree and Source Code Meditation promotes the direct realization of this infinite and eternal truth as our very own ground-state. SCM anchors us to the infinite and eternal transcendent self, our ever-present in-dwelling consciousness and being. This realization shows you that at your core you are absolute peace, freedom and fullness. Your ground-state is Infinite being and consciousness, absolute spirit, pure existence prior to and beyond all space and time, and you can know THAT . You will discover that the very same Infinite being and consciousness that was present before the universe was born, is the same 'beingness' and 'consciousness' that you know as your own direct and immediate subjective experience now and forever. You can realize that the same consciousness that permeates all existence, percolates with potential and swirls with possibilities within you. It’s the same background state within you right now and it’s an inner wellspring of creativity waiting to emerge something new through you. You are that same consciousness and you contain that same evolutionary impulse that started a universe some 13.8 billion years ago.

SCM not only awakens you to your absolute nature as timeless eternal consciousness and being, but also promotes the evolution of your 'personal self'. Your personal self inhabits a precious human body and can awake to its eternal ground-state of pure spirit. The personal you exists in space and time, and gets up in the morning and goes to work, loves your family, and takes out the garbage. This very same personal you, can learn to bring the enlightened ground state into your life and into the very evolutionary process that created you in the first place! As you continue on your path waking up with SCM and utilizing the 'SCM Maps and Means' you may arrive at the staggering conclusion that your choices -from this high state of wakefulness- become new mechanisms in the unfolding evolutionary drama that has been playing out and 'going somewhere' for billions of years. In fact the entire 13.8 billion years of evolution is enveloped in your very being, and you can know it. Cosmic evolution can become aware of itself in you, as you and through you. Once you know this experientially, your life can never be the same.

For nearly 14 billion years, something has been pushing the evolutionary process forward until now, through the higher brain/higher heart/higher consciousness of a liberated human being, evolution has become self-aware. Framed in this cosmic context YOU are the future of humanity! YOU are how spirit liberates itself from the realm of potentiality into the manifest realm of the finite world. This realization will imbue your life with meaning beyond comprehension.

YOU are a shining beacon of hope for all those that lived and loved and labored before you. You are the promise to all those souls that will come after you, and you are right here, right now, in this body, on this planet, during this lifetime, essential to and responsible for the direction of the evolutionary process. You can come to know this directly. For nearly 14 billion years, evolution has pushed and clawed and climbed upwards—and at this very moment finally has created a sentient being, you, that can posses the awareness of the very process that created you, in you, as you and through you. Source Code Meditation is hacking evolution through higher brain activation, promoting an awakening to the fact that you are the leading edge of a 13.8 billion year cosmic evolutionary process . What follows can only be the enlightened life choices that leads the evolutionary current forward towards the creation of ever more enlightened awareness in a world that so desperately needs to awaken....until the tipping point and a new renaissance.

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