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Ash Huang

Ash Huang

San Francisco, California

Ash Huang is a designer and author living in San Francisco.

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About the author

Ash Huang is a designer and author living in San Francisco. As a writer, her pieces have been featured in Fast Company, Offscreen Magazine and Lean Out, a feminist anthology about the tech industry. Her first novel, The Firesteel, won First Place for Literary Fiction in Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published e-book Awards. As a successful designer in Silicon Valley, she’s done work for companies like Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox. She has spoken at conferences across the country and has been interviewed on several podcasts about her design and writing.

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Success! Suspension sold 189 pre-orders by June 3, 2016, was pitched to 24 publishers, and will be self published.

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It is 2018. In an America similar to ours, a journalist breaks the story of the contamination of a water treatment plant.

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Sci-Fi Literary Sci-Fi
45,000 words
75% complete
11 publishers interested


It is 2018.

American cities are under strict quarantine and nearly 30% of the population is infected with Xavier Hemorrhagic Flu (XHF). The international community has closed its borders to the United States, people disappear after suspicious Tweets and reality TV continues to dominate the air.

Fi Ocampo is a writer for an independent news site. She breaks the story of two men caught contaminating Pittsburgh’s water supply with medicine meant to halt XHF’s brain-deteriorating symptoms. The Internet erupts in debate. Some condemn the men as terrorists, others praise them as martyrs for the XHF cause.

Fi’s investigation of the two men leads her to a small commune in rural Pennsylvania, where she has an unexpected reunion and must win over the residents. As they learn to trust her, she discovers the truth about the contamination, as well as what the XHF-positive are keeping secret from the rest of the population.

Throughout her inquiries, Fi must come to terms with her experiences around cultural and racial assimilation, her own visibility and her responsibilities in determining the fate of her country.


Suspension follows a non-linear narrative structure. It centers around Fi's search for the truth behind the water supply contamination. Through flashbacks, we get a history of Fi's career, a picture of the old blood between the commune residents and a look into how the present universe formed. This method of interweaving flashbacks and main plot allows conflict to build at an organic and unified pace, despite the different timing of characters' experiences.


Millennial readers are buying more books than any other generation, and Suspension broaches many topics relevant to a liberal-leaning 18–35 crowd.

Suspension’s characters struggle with issues unique to our 20s, such as finding one’s voice, taking responsibility as an individual, what it takes to succeed in a professional setting versus in school, the often complicated relationship young people have with parents and family legacy, and the costs and expectations of romantic relationships. Suspension also has a modern, more familiar take on media and technology, such as how we experience news through timelines and shares rather than televisions or newspapers.

Especially after the recent US elections and recent world events, many millennials feel unmoored, strangers living in a strange land. As a near future dystopia, Suspension is an exploration of what life might be like, as well as how we might navigate that landscape.


I’m active on quite a few networks, with good reach. Most notably:
- Twitter: 8,640+ followers
- Medium: 4,000 followers (see background article on why I wrote Suspension)
- Instagram: 1,000+ followers

Through my writing on Fast Company, my design education and my work on The Firesteel, I have experience working with editors and effectively incorporating critique. For Suspension, I have already hired and incorporated feedback from three sensitivity readers.

I have experience marketing a book. How I marketed The Firesteel:
- Ran a Kickstarter and created all the necessary collateral, including a book trailer, bookmarks and phone backgrounds. Collected $8,220 and sold 150+ preorders.
- Engaged with book bloggers to get reviews
- Goodreads giveaways
- Amazon free days and half-off days
- Promoted on Fussy Librarian newsletter and Facebook groups
- Experimented with Facebook and Twitter ads
- Engaging with local SF bookstores to get The Firesteel there on consignment (now at Green Apple Books in SF)
- Entered a Writer’s Digest competition and won first in Literary Fiction
- Sold the book twice at one of the most prestigious craft fairs in SF, West Coast Craft

Did several talks, podcasts and interviews about the process (see feature on Lumi’s blog and the Design Details podcast)

Other statistics on The Firesteel:
- 605 readers requested it in the last Goodreads giveaway
- 453 people have added it on their to-read list on Goodreads
- 200 downloads on the last Amazon free weekend


- "Station Eleven"
Like Station Eleven, Suspension also takes place during and after an epidemic. Both pay homage to the beauty of technology and the sparkling things that were lost.

- "Area X: Southern Reach Trilogy"
For those who enjoyed Area X’s eerie, clinical, otherworldly feel and diverse characters, Suspension is a good fit.

- "Wool"
Readers explored an unfamiliar but believable world in Wool, literally descending into its depths. Suspension unfolds in a similar way.

- "American Gods"
Both books are surreal explorations of the deeds that haunt us and how we come to grips with our darknesses.

- "The Walking Dead" and "Lost" (tv show)
While the universe of Suspension remains a bit more civilized, The Walking Dead, Lost and Suspension feature deep, character driven stories on the backdrop of a catastrophic events.

- "World War Z"
Though not in first person, Suspension also creates color around its universe by featuring accounts of several people, including a PhD candidate, a journalist, a pediatrician, and a high school drop-out.

- "The Handmaid’s Tale"
Suspension and The Handmaid’s Tale are both chilling accounts of the few events it might take to lose the human progress we’ve collectively achieved.


11 publishers interested
Floricanto Press logo Floricanto Press

Floricanto Press, a prime publisher of Latino Books, focuses on Latino/Hispanic people and trends. Its publishing programs examine a broad spectrum of social, cultural, political, and economic issues impinging upon our pluralistic communities as well as the societal structures at large affecting them. Our press publishes Latino books and specifically seeks writings articulating an analytical discourse on issues which include a Latino perspective. Floricanto Press publishes Latino books and e-books of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Literature, History and Social sciences, Women--by and about--Latino LGBT, Sephardic literature and history, Psychology, Linguistics, and Biographies, both individual and collective; and Latino children's books.

Floricanto is interested in all creative, scholarly, and social science Latino books and writings by and about Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, and Latin Americans, Central Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Spanish writings impinging upon Ibero Americans. We also are interested in Peninsular Spanish books and writings as it pertains to the Americas and Sephardic themes and writers, biographical works profiling Latino individuals, featuring Latino communities, and locales.

Independent publisher

Business, Children's, Cookbooks, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Politics, Professional, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Sports, Technology, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult


Mythical Legends Publishing, LLC logo Mythical Legends Publishing, LLC

As a small press we offer books mainly in the genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action Adventure, sometimes erotica, most of the times not and combinations of each one. We support the LGBT+ community and as such may have progressive sexual encounters and or relationships in our books. We write about strong male and female protagonists with integrity and character, but we never preach.

Independent publisher

Children's, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Technology, Thriller


Netherworld Books logo Netherworld Books

We are a specialist publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Paranormal Romance. Being fans of the genre ourselves makes this a passion and we take great delight in bringing new authors into the limelight.

We have already published some fantastic debut novels such as War of the Elements and Twilight Visitor, both of which recently featured in the Amazon best sellers lists.

It is our mission to give an opportunity to talented new writers to gain a platform for their work in an industry that is usually highly dismissive of first time authors.

Independent publisher

Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Science, Technology, Thriller


Sunbury Press logo Sunbury Press

Sunbury Press, Inc., headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA is a publisher of hardcover, trade paperback, and eBooks featuring established and emerging authors in many categories. Sunbury's books are sold through leading booksellers worldwide.

We are a traditional royalty-paying trade publisher. Our publishing process includes the following:

Substantive/Developmental Editing (if necessary)
Copy Editing
Formatting and Book Design
Cover Design
ISBN Registry
Library of Congress Registry
Product Formats (Trade Paperback, Hardcover, eBook – usually two or more)
Advanced Reader Copies (NetGalley or Print)
Global Print Distribution to Bookstore / Library Trade
Online Distribution to major eCommerce book retailers
Direct Marketing to Sunbury Press Readers
Marketing to the Book Trade through Distribution Channels
Direct Marketing to over 1200 Independent Bookstores in the USA
Category/Imprint-Specific Marketing Activities
Publicity to Key Targeted Media (Cision Publicity Platform to over 3 million in media)
Assistance with Book Signing Events, Author Central, Goodreads, Author Blogs, etc.
Monthly Sunbury Press Authors Newsletter
Author Training or Collaboration Seminars
Foreign Rights / Translation Opportunities
Movie / Television / Other Media Opportunities
Wholesale Book Purchases (no minimum requirement)

Independent publisher

All categories


Agora Publishing logo Agora Publishing

Agora publishing is a Canada based company, founded in 1997 with the aim of making book publishing accessible to all writers across Canada and internationally. Our main goal is to simplify the whole publishing process and help authors to avoid the so called 'publishing gatekeepers' out there so that they can easily publish their work worldwide. We bring the best of both the worlds i.e. traditional publishing and self-publishing. We help writers produce and sell mass marketable books all around the world. Along with publishing, we have a strong channel of distribution and marketing that make us a one-stop-shop for any writer.

We provide you intensive marketing & promotion and make your book available at all the places where your target audience can get their hands on it. Agora publishing provides you the platform where you can show your writing skills to the whole world.

Once you get connected with us, you don't need to worry about anything. Our team will convert your manuscript into a wonderful looking book that match the quality of a million dollar traditional publisher and within a short period of time you'll find your book in leading bookstores & retailers across country. We have an experienced team of editors, proofreaders, designers, and promoters who are always ready to help you and guide you so that you can become a successful writer.

We promote and distribute books globally so that you can reach global audience and build huge reader base. It doesn't matter whether you are a new writer or an experienced one, whether you have lots of readers or no readers , we are here to help you.
So what are you waiting for my friend.....let's build success together.

Hybrid publisher

Business, Children's, Cookbooks, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Politics, Professional, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Self-Help, Sports, Technology, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult


i2i Publishing logo i2i Publishing

i2i Publishing was founded by Lionel Ross who is himself the published author of eight books. He knows, only too well, the almost impossible task confronting a new author when he seeks to find a book publishing company. Writers devote months and years of their lives to crafting and creating books devoted to the education and entertainment of unseen others. They then discover that their beloved manuscript is just a piece of often worthless merchandise in the eyes of the vast majority of book publishing companies. New authors receive countless numbers of rejection letters from the mainstream publishers who prefer to play it safe with either established authors or celebrity authored books. Finally new writers turn in desperation to the so-called Vanity market. There they are promised, in return for vast sums of money, that their book will be published.

Now there is another way, the i2i way. We DO ask for a small financial contribution towards costs but only on a SHARED RISK basis. And after that initial payment, the risk is all ours. We know from personal experience that most new authors are not 'made of money.'

We are always open to submissions and promise a quick response, be it positive or negative.

We are NOT a self-publishing organisation - rather a partnership between Author and Publisher and where your book, if accepted, will have an internationally recognised imprint - i2i

If you want to see your book on bookshop shelves and on the websites of electronic booksellers worldwide just ask us to consider your manuscript.

Hybrid publisher

Children's, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Politics, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Young Adult


Mascot Books logo Mascot Books

We are a full service book publishing company that works closely with independent authors in every phase of writing/editorial, book production, book marketing, and book distribution. Our roster includes bestselling authors who have previously traditionally published, first time authors, and authors at various levels in between.

What separates Mascot is our hands-on approach to publishing. We work closely with each author in all phases of the publishing process. Mascot authors benefit from our industry experience, connections, and our commitment to keep up with the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of publishing.

Hybrid publisher

All categories

Motivational Press logo Motivational Press

At Motivational Press, we believe in making a difference in the lives of others and contributing in any way that we can to help our clients get their message to the world. Motivational Press is the top publisher today in providing marketing and promotion support to our authors. Our authors get favorable rates for purchasing their own books and higher than standard royalties.

Hybrid publisher

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BookFuel logo BookFuel

From Manuscript to Market.

We help authors self-publish their books by providing the professional services needed to get books into book stores.

Services offered include: Editing, Cover Design, Print Layout, eBook Conversion, and Distribution.

Our unique Boost program allows authors to have their books created for $2,399.

The process is guided by a dedicated Account Manager, who's goal is to produce the book the author envisioned.

With BookFuel, authors retain 100% of their rights, ownership of their files, and all their royalties.

Service publisher

Business, Children's, Cookbooks, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Politics, Professional, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Sports, Technology, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult


Mill City Press logo Mill City Press

Mill City Press coordinates distribution, printing and self-publishing services for authors who are also going through a full publishing process with us for their book with one of our publishing packages which include interior formatting, ISBN assignment, bar code, distribution, etc.

Therefore, we're usually the best fit for authors who have a completed manuscript ready for publishing and need a full service provider for their book instead of just a few select services on an a la carte basis (i.e just book printing and binding services).

Self-publishing your book is a big deal. That’s why every indie author who works with us gets a bookstore-quality book—because you deserve the same caliber of design, editing, marketing, and distribution that big-time authors get. We make that happen with an expert publishing team.

Service publisher

Business, Children's, Cookbooks, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Politics, Professional, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Sports, Technology, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult


Virtualbookworm Publishing logo Virtualbookworm Publishing

Virtualbookworm (VBW) Publishing was founded by a writer frustrated by the long wait time and occasional heartbreak often associated with the publishing industry. After researching the various "alternatives," he discovered a number of subsidy publishers that would publish any author ... for a price. Unfortunately, many reviewers (and readers) thumb their noses at books from such houses, since all it takes is cash to get published by them.

Then he discovered self publishing and the endless opportunities it presented. However, such a venture requires countless hours of research of printers, proofreaders, artists, etc. And after publication, even more time is consumed trying to market the book.

So, was established as a "clearinghouse" for authors, since it offers virtually everything under one roof. Although we now charge setup and design fees, those costs are kept to a minimum so as to cover all expenses. And, as with "traditional" publishers, we carefully review each manuscript and only offer contracts to authors who truly have exceptional manuscripts. We don't print garbage, and we want our authors to proudly say they were published by Virtualbookworm. If we accept your book for publication, you can rest assured that it will be sold next to other quality books, and not just work that had enough money behind it. And, you'll receive some of the best royalties in the business!

Since our initial costs are so low, we want your books to sell as much as you do.

Service publisher

Business, Children's, Cookbooks, Fantasy, Health, History, Journalism, Lifestyle, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mind & Body, Mystery, Politics, Professional, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Science, Sports, Technology, Thriller, Travel, Young Adult




Fi tries to focus on the rom-com she’s chosen to lighten the mood. It’s an old movie from before the Xavier Hemorragic Flu, a time when people still rode the subway and regarded strangers with curiosity.She pauses the movie. The heroine and her latest conquest are about to kiss, frozen in a blur of bright motion. She sits back on the couch and pulls the blanket to her chin. After a few minutes, the screensaver flips on and photos dissolve, pictures of Fi in Amsterdam, the Eiffel Tower, a beach in southern France. Fi used to shoot mostly landscapes. Now she sorely wishes she’d shot more of herself in these wondrous places, to prove Americans once flew in planes and landed on these shores, packed in alien train stations and steeped in foreign chit-chat. She watches the screensaver, unblinking. They say it will take decades for the EU and Asia to lift the travel bans on the United States. The next time she rides the London Eye, she might be well into retirement.Bored of Fi’s inaction, the television flickers to black. She takes a breath and pulls out her phone.Everyone else in her timezone seems to be nestled into bed, run-ning REM cycles and warming percale sheets. She finishes scrolling her feeds with just a few flicks, returns to the top and refreshes. More please. More from those halfway across the globe, from people she has no chance of meeting in person. More from those waking up to start their days, more from those west of here, settling in to dinner.On the next refresh, Fi’s feed jumps with a series of updates from one account, Xatriot. Blurry photos and capitalized captions: ARREST-ED. CAUGHT. DREAM OVER, DEED DONE THO. Splashes of red and blue, a bearded white man scowling in handcuffs. Fi tries to make sense of these updates. She followed Xatriot for their activism over the years. Nothing too incendiary, just links to articles and pictures from ral-lies before the cities really locked down. Background static for the world’s saddest ballad.


It’s not often that a line cast results in any sort of story, but Fi’s bones are lit. There’s something here.I write for CurrentUp, Fi types out. Private msg me, let’s talk.Fi hits send and refreshes again. Nothing new comes up. Anyone who is awake has shared Xatriot’s updates.A notification. Xatriot has sent her a message.Will you guarantee anonymity? I have a record alredy. Of course, Fi writes back.U dont write on one of those shit lifestile colums do uFi sighs. I can publish across the site.Pics r of Morris Mathers we brke intu Pittsbgh’s h2O facility and dumped 122 lb of Xavietrin into watr supply. I’m Jameson Chadury. You can look me up this is legit. Was keeping guard, Mory caught, plan was alwas for me to post and run if he got caught. Fuck.Who are you with? Is anyone going to take responsibility for this? Do you have more photos?Yah sendingA few more grainy pictures of Mathers, some with empty sacks draped over railing.You’re going to brk news for us. we dont trust the big news plac-es, Leme copy pasteWe’d like to tell you all the long sad story of how the greatest world power fell from grace. We’d like to tell you how the United States of America murdered its own population to fill the bank accounts of a few greedy pigs.Fi sighs again, but she continues reading. It costs Simmons Corp six cents to make a single dose of Xavi-etrin. If medication were sold at cost, an XHF patient could keep their disease in check for a rate of $21.36 a year. It was heralded as a miracle, but of course, that would not last.Today a dose of Xavietrin costs $142.00, raising the annual cost

  • Update #3 - Update on Suspension Nov. 30, 2016

    Hey everyone,

    First things first: it's been a long time and I thank you for your patience. When I wrote Suspension, I imagined a world where ...

  • Update #2 - And it's off! July 14, 2016

    Hey beauties! Quick update on Suspension. I just sent the newest draft to my editor, Elizabeth. Elizabeth helped me out on The Firesteel and was ...

  • Update #1 - 169% ?! Thank you all so much! May 16, 2016

    Daaaaang. Thank you all so much for your support. I'm so thrilled we're over goal!

    For anyone reading this message on the campaign page ...

  • Lee Constantine
    on May 12, 2016, 1:39 a.m.

    Can't wait to read another book from you! Good luck reaching your funding goal. Cheers.

  • Guy Vincent
    on May 12, 2016, 1:41 a.m.

    Looking forward to Suspension! Awesome to see more novelists on Publishizer :)

  • Alice Yang
    on May 30, 2016, 5:50 a.m.

    Just cleared a space on my shelf for this :)