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Dr. Holly Sawyer

Dr. Holly Sawyer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dr. Holly Sawyer is a licensed psychotherapist, entrepreneur mindset coach, national mental health public speaker, author and college professor!

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About the author

Dr. Holly Sawyer’s background is in mental health, communications, nonprofit management and higher education. Her journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Grambling State University where she studied and worked in TV production, Radio and print Journalism. She was also a substitute high school teacher. When she realized multimedia wasn't for her, she went to graduate school to study Nonprofit Management while continuing to teach. After earning her MPA in Nonprofit Management, she rose very fast in the nonprofit sector as an executive director. Dr. Holly again realized that the path she had chosen led her to a place that wasn't perfectly suited for her and this time, leaving the nonprofit sector to teach in higher education while pursuing a Doctorate in Higher Educational Leadership.

After going to therapy herself and not being able to find a Black therapist while living in Washington, DC for 11 years, she pursued a Master of Science in Professional Counseling. Upon moving to Philadelphia, she became a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). Dr. Holly has been featured on Philadelphia's Fox News, Bustle, Popsugar, Best Colleges, Psych Central and more.

Although her entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 11, currently, she is the CEO of Life First Therapy, her solo private practice where she provides psychotherapy to professional Black women helping them navigate their life and career without using substances to cope with depression and/or anxiety when experiencing microaggressions in the workplace. She is also the CEO of the Therapy Loft Collective, an online group private practice with her team of dynamic therapists! She provides clinical supervision to recent graduates seeking licensure and a professional consultant to licensed professionals. Dr. Holly is also an Assistant Professor in Master of Arts and Human Services at Lincoln University.

Dr. Holly is a wife, mother of two teenagers, a national mental health public speaker and facilitates a variety of workshops and presentations on Entrepreneur Burnout, Stress Management, Targeted Self-Care, Microaggressions in the Workplace, Cultural Competence and more. Dr. Holly is a self-published author of "It's Time to Talk About Trauma" and "Get Your Mind Right, Get Your Money Right: The Mental Health Guide for Successful Entrepreneurs" and "It's Time to Talk About Trauma." Dr. Holly continues to expand her knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and human psychology.
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Update #1 - Targeted Self-Care Update Aug. 3, 2021

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a great summer and are able to ease your way into the fall under great spirits!

Unfortunately, both deals between the two publishers were not lucrative and I decided to not move forward. Targeted Self-Care is very important to me and has a message unlike any other self-care book out there. With that said, I won't settle.  I want the world to have my book in their hands.

At this point, I have started working with a literary agent out of New York for additional help to land my book a traditional publishing deal. 

I appreciate your patience during this time and if I am not able to move forward 30 days from now, I will have to shelf my book at that time. 

If this becomes the case, I will send an update with how you will receive a refund for your purchase.

I truly appreciate your support and patience. 

Thank you,

Dr. Holly