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JSV Germain

JSV Germain

Pembroke Pines, Florida

JSV Germain has been a writer since she was about nine years old. Her writing focuses mainly on positive messages of hope, empowerment and self-confidence towards all young women.

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About the author

Shabine Germain is an upcoming fiction writer that aspires to touch many lives through her stories. She is an activist for the voiceless. She has been writing since the early age of nine and has been passionate about writing ever since. Shabine's first novel "Songs of Siren" is a compilation of the first few poems she's ever written. "Songs of Siren" is published online on and has received many good reviews. 

Germain was born on the beautiful overlooked island of Haiti and moved to the US by the age of seven.   Her childhood memories there consisted of her spending most of her time on her grandfather's farm. A farm girl through and through, it was a bit difficult when her father uprooted the whole family to Miami's fast city life. It took a while to adjust, but years later Miami has become her home. Shabine enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, running and playing different sports. Her passions besides writing, includes listening to and playing music. 

 One of Shabine's greatest achievements is taking care of her two young cousins after their mother passed away. The oldest who is turning fourteen soon has been in her care since the tender age of five months. The youngest whom just turned twelve has also been in her care for most of her life. 

The idea for the Esteem Princess Chronicles derive from her own feelings of self doubt and unworthiness. Growing up, especially as an African American girl, always had its difficulties. She remembers struggles with weight and self image issues. The worst part was growing up seeing only fair skinned women portrayed as princesses in all of her childhood fairytales. Shabine always felt that a self image building class should be taught in schools alongside all of the other subjects. Young girls go through so much that is imperative to teach them self love at a very early age to get through this journey called life. Shabine hopes to become a role model not only for her little cousins that she's raising but for every young girl out there. 

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The Esteem Princess Chronicles: Ariah and the Cure

My book is a positive message that I am sending out to all girls, that anything is possible. Beauty is all inclusive and we're all princesses!

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YA Fiction
21,600 words
100% complete
12 publishers interested


The Esteem Princess Chronicles: Ariah and the cure is the first book of many books in the series that I plan to write. This story is about a young princess named Ariah who was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome. Her parents do their best to make her feel as normal as possible and protect her from the cruelties of the world. After a few run ins with bullies including her own cousin, she dreams of becoming a scientist to find a cure for her condition. Through her journey, and with a few loved ones by her side she eventually finds the cure to all of her ailments. 

 This story like my other ones, is very dear to me because it finally depicts an outside of the box type of picture of a princess. The typical princess in the classic fairy tales are usually fair-skinned beauties with no blemish inside or out. Growing up I've always wondered why that was so and why a girl like myself can never relate to any of those princesses. I'm African American and as a child there were never any princesses that looked like me. I grew up thinking that girls my color weren't deemed to be princesses. Yes I know that there's a princess Tiana now but I still feel as if a great diversity is missing in the princess stories. Every young girl deserves to be a princess in spite of their skin color, physical attributes and backgrounds. I'm really passionate about these stories. I want my own daughters to be able to read a book about a princess that looks just like they do. I want to write a whole different genre of fairy tales, an all-inclusive one. Stories that will help to change the way society views beauty. I hope to alleviate some of the bullying and maltreatment within our youth just because someone may look different from society's definition of beauty. This is more than just a story. This is me being one of the voices for the voiceless. In conclusion, all girls are beautiful and all girls are princesses. 


chapter 1: 

king Lucas and Queen Gwyneth gives birth to a beautiful daughter who was born with Mosaic Down syndrome. In spite of her condition the king and Queen are happy to welcome their newborn princess into the world. They name her Ariah. 

Chapter 2:

In spite of her condition Ariah is a very intelligent young girl full of life and joy. The King and Queen decides to throw her a party and introduces her to the outside world for the very first time. During her party Ariah experiences the first of many cruelties of the world's views about her. She meets her uncle, aunt and cousin Rachel who is one of the main bullies at her birthday party. 

Chapter 3:

For many days, after her birthday party, Ariah's spirit is down and she becomes somber and a bit withdrawn. When she finds out that she is about to be a big sister, Ariah is overjoyed. Sadly tragedy strikes shattering sweet Ariah's life forever.

Chapter 4:

Five years pass by and Ariah decides that she wants to break away from her sheltered life of homeschooling. She finally gets the chance to go to school with her peers. Ariah soon finds out that school is not all it's cracked up to be. The children make fun of her and calls her names. Rachel, her cousin becomes one of her main bullies. The king banishes his brother Thomas, his wife Edith and Rachel. In spite all of that Ariah faces, she holds her own and is grateful to have made at least one good friend, Gaelle whom later becomes her best.

Chapter 5:

Ariah finally finds out the name of her condition. It was a subject which was forbidden until the King deemed her old enough to know. Ariah does her own research and reveals to her father that she wants to become a scientist so she can find the cure. At the end of the chapter, on the eve of her birthday, Ariah receives grave news that her father was in a plane crash that left no known survivors.

Chapter 6:

Uncle Thomas, aunt Edith and cousin Rachel take over the kingdom. Cousin Rachel makes it her life's mission to make Ariah miserable. Ariah experiences her first heartbreak and becomes more determined than ever to find a cure.

Chapter 7:

Years later after a lot of hard work, Ariah gets into MIT, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. She majors in Medical Science. She meets Kjartan, a fellow Medical science major, whom she develops a crush on but is too afraid to reveal it to him. Ariah founds out that  Kjartan has a younger sister with Downs Syndrome and he also wishes to find a cure. 

Chapter 8:

Gaelle who'd been away at fashion school attends Ariah's graduation and is introduced to Kjartan. King Thomas decides to throw a ball in Rachel's honor to find her a suitable husband. 

Chapter 9:

On the day of the ball Ariah finds out that Kjartan is the prince of Norway and that he'd failed to mention that detail while they were at MIT. Kjartan is shocked to find out that Ariah was also royalty. They explain to each other the reasons behind their secrecy.

Chapter 10:

Kjartan and Ariah share a dance at the ball. They share a moment that left Ariah thinking that just maybe Kjartan might be interested in her after all. Any chances that they had completely shatters after King Thomas announces the engagement between Kjartan and Ariah. Gaelle offers her home to Ariah so that she wouldn't have to stay in the castle with her cruel cousin.

Chapter 11:

Gaelle investigates and gets to the bottom of the sudden engagement. The king of Norway, Kjartan's father was sick and on his last breath and wanted to form an alliance with the Kingdom of Sweden. Since Kjartan had failed to choose his own bride on time, his father chose for him. Ariah was relieved to find that it was not a love much after all, but a case of a prince just performing his duty to his king and country. 

Chapter 12:

The town is abuzz with talk of the upcoming wedding between Kjartan and Rachel. Ariah remains heartbroken over the news. Kjartan visits her at Gaelle's house and tries to explain the details behind the engagement, which Ariah already knew. He was about to tell her something else, but his phone rang and he left abruptly after that, leaving Ariah wondering what it was that he was about to tell her.

Chapter 13:

Ariah busies herself with her internship to keep her mind off the upcoming wedding. To make matters worst, her uncle Thomas demands her attendance at the traditional pre-wedding dinner with Kjartan's family. Surprisingly, the dinner turns in her favor as both Kjartan's mom and sister completely warms up to her. They were smitten by Ariah and offered to drive her home after the dinner. Ariah even shares her story with Kjartan's mom. Later that night, Gaelle tells Ariah that her boyfriend Eric proposed.

Chapter 14:

The day before Kjartan's and Rachel's wedding Ariah discovers that her father is still alive. They have an emotional reunion. Since the real King has returned, he banishes his brothet Thomas, Edith and Rachel for good this time.

Chapter 15:

There is a wedding after all! Ariah finally finds the cure she was seeking and of course everyone lived happily ever after. 


The targeted audience for my series would be children and young adults ranging from ages 3 to 17. The stories are geared towards building up self esteem through words of encouragement and proving that all girls are beautiful princesses. Adults may also enjoy this series of books. 


I plan on advertising my book through my Facebook accounts both personal and a specific author page. I also plan on promoting my book through my family's social media accounts as well as through my church family whom I'm confident will support me. 

I have created a blog and book website through Wordpress and also a google blog to further promote my book. I also have a start up catering business that I will use to spread the word of my book to all of my customers. I have a great idea in which I will hold a small gathering at my church serving food and goodies to all of my supporters and in hopes to getting even more supporters. Free food has always been a great incentive! 


1) The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo

Published by Gosselin on March 16,1831

The Hunchback of Notre Dame tells the story of Quasimodo who was born with a physical deformity. He lost his mother as a babe and was raised by the very person that killed his mom. Because of his deformity he was hidden and isolated from the world. He was thought to be the monster of the tower. Then he met and fell in love with the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda who was kind to him and treated him like a normal human being. Even though he didn't get the girl, Quasimodo became happy within himself to find that not everyone was cruel. In my book it's about an actual princess that was born with a physical attribute and in the end she gets her prince! 

2) Quest for Camelo, also known as The King's Damsel by Vera Chapman Published by Avon in 1976

This story is retold in the film adaptation by warner bros. It is the story of Kayley whose father is killed at a young age. She is unlike the typical girly princess and goes on an adventure. She meets and falls in love with Garrett, a blind hermit who dreams of becoming a knight. In spite of his condition, he lives a normal life and let's nothing stop him. My book deals with more in depth details as to what cruelties a person with a handicap faces. My story is a bit more modern and is set in a school environment.

3) The princess and the Frog by Walt Disney, published by Random House Children's book in 2009

This is one of my favorites as it entails the story of Tiana, a young hard working African-American girl who dreams of opening her own restaurant. She struggles through many hardships before she finally realizes her dreams and more. In my book, the main character Ariah struggles with a different type of hardship and her only dream is to look and be treated just like any normal girl or princess. 

4) Beauty and the Beast by Jean Marie Leprince and retold by Various Aithors. Published by various publishers from 1711-1780

Beauty and the beast tells the story of a mean prince who needed to learn a lesson about vanity. A witch cast a spell on him and turned him into an ugly beast which resembled the person that he was within. He eventually meets Belle whom he falls in love with and little by little changes him for the better. Belle finally sees the goodness inside and looks beyond his beastly appearance and falls in love with him. My book is a bit similar yet very different. Ariah is a beautiful spirit and not vain like the princess. Unlike the prince who was born handsome according to society's standards of beauty, Ariah was born with a condition which society rendered as unattractive. In her story though, the prince saw her as beautiful inside and out from the moment he met her. 

5) The Ugly duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. Published by New Fairy Tales in 1843.

This story is about a little bird who was a little different from the others. Because of how different he looked, he suffered from verbal and physical abuse. When the young duckling grows up, he decides to join a pack of Swans. To his shock, the swans accept him as is. He later realizes by looking at his reflection in the water, that he has become one of them. He was now a beautiful Swan as well. In my book, the story deals with more of a human emotion. It's a teenage girl who deals with the stress of fitting in and trying to find peace within herself. Ariah's story relates to many young girls in the same situation. 

12 publishers interested
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      Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a very handsome king named Lucas who fell in love with the most beautiful princess in the whole kingdom. Her name was princess Gwyneth. Now they weren’t always in love as the princess once considered the king to be a pompous, self-righteous, and conceited man. Eventually she gave him a
chance and really got to know him. She found that it was all a façade he’d been putting on and that he had the biggest heart. Thus, they fell deeply in love and got married. Everything was going well except for the fact that they had been trying to conceive for years now but to no avail.

“What if I am barren, my Lord whatever shall we do if I can never give you an heir?” The queen sobbed.

“Now now my love, stop all this crying. We will just have to continue trying that’s all.” The King hugged her in an effort to console her. Breaking away, she fell into a heaping sob on the floor.

“But what if it never happens? I fear you may not love me anymore?”

The king fell to his knees in front of the queen and held her face in his hands. He lifted her head to face him.

“My dear, you are my heart, my everything. I have loved you from the moment I’ve laid eyes on you, I love you more now and I will love you more even then. Everything will be okay, I promise.” And with that the queen fell into his arms and took comfort in his words.

     Not even a year had passed when the queen finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The King patiently waited out in the halls as the queen was tended to by a midwife and her aides. He was pacing back and forth nervous and anxious when suddenly the door opened and the midwife approached him.

“My Lord, may I have a word?” The midwife had a strange look on her face which worried the King immensely.

“What is it? Is it my queen, is she ill?”

“No, my Lord the queen is fine.”

“The child then, is everything all right with my child?”

    The midwife stood wringing one hand within the other unable to come up with the proper response.

“Well, out with it now.” Commanded the King irritated at the midwife’s silence.

“There were a few complications during the birthing and though both your wife and the child are doing fine, I am afraid that the child came out a bit different than expected.” The midwife couldn’t look the King directly in the eyes afraid of his reaction.

“What do you mean by that? What do you mean different?” Bellowed the King, now a bit agitated at what the midwife was saying.

“I rather you would come see it for yourself My Lord. Please follow me.”

    The midwife led the King to the chambers where his wife lay holding a precious newborn in her hands, a huge smile on her face.

    The King approached and looked down upon the face of his child for the first time and his heart melted at such a sweet sight. He looked at the midwife and frowned.

“I don’t see any different child here. I only see my beautiful queen holding the most beautiful and precious princess in the world.” The King picked up his newborn daughter and kissed her forehead.

“She shall be called Ariah. My precious princess Ariah.”

   With that being said the midwife kept quiet and said nothing more as she went about her business of cleaning up the mess in the room.

    The years went by and the King loved his little family fiercely. They tried to have more children but was unsuccessful. Yet the King reassured the queen every passing day that he was content with just the three of them albeit his daughter’s uniqueness. He forbade the servants to ever bring it up so that his daughter would never grow up feeling any different from the other children.


   Ariah was an energetic child full of joy and wonder at the world. She was ever so adventurous and curious to her environment. She would ask a thousand questions a day yearning to know more.

“Daddy how were humans made?” She asked one day as she climbed onto her father’s lap interrupting his studies. The King didn’t mind at all. There was just a very special bond between the two.

     The King stroked his beard and pondered a good response for such a question. His daughter always had these types of questions that would often stump him.

“Well I suppose I shall start from the beginning. God created the heavens and the Earth and he wanted someone to take care of all his other beautiful creations on the Earth so he created humans.”

“So now that means God is taking care of the heavens then?” Ariah asked in wonder.

“Exactly!” Exclaimed the King.

“But then who created God?” Ariah looked up at her father expectantly. 

    The King tried to come up with an explanation that a 5-year-old would understand but was stumped once again. So, he changed the subject.

“I believe it’s your bedtime now.”

“But daddy, I am not yet sleepy.” Ariah pouted with disappointment.

“Never-the-less it is late and off to bed you go.” Prodded the King as he led her to bed and tucked her in.

“I am just too excited to sleep. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come

“Yes, I’m sure you are. It’s not every day that my little princess
turns 21.” Teased the king.

“Daddy, I’m only turning 5.” Giggled Ariah.

“Are you sure you’re not older?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Ariah.

“Well 5 it is then. Good night my love.” He kissed her forehead and exited the room. Ariah fell asleep soon after.

   The big day had finally arrived and Ariah could barely hold her
excitement for what was to come. She woke up extra early and ran to her parents’ bedroom. Ariah jumped on top of them urging them to wake up.

“Come on mommy, daddy it’s time to get up. It’s my birthday, come on.” Ariah threw the covers off of her half-asleep parents.

“All right, All right we’re up, we’re up!” The Queen sat up and
yawned as she stretched. Satisfied that they were indeed up, Ariah ran to make sure the staff were up preparing for her big day.

“Are you sure this was a good idea?” The King asked of the Queen.

“What do you mean dear? Of course, it is. We can’t protect and hide her forever. I think it’s due time that she was introduced to society.”

   The King opened his mouth to respond but decided against saying a word to displease his wife.

“Besides, it will only be a few of our closest comrades and their children. I’m sure it will all turn out great.” Said the Queen.

   This was the first time they’d decided to throw a party for princess Ariah with more than just the immediate family in attendance. Ariah never had any interaction with other children. She was home-schooled and provided with the best teachers in the entire kingdom.

   The King wasn’t worried about what the people would say because he could care less of their opinions of his daughter. He worried about how it would affect his daughter if anyone said something that would upset her in the least. He knew that the people talked and it was fine with him just as long as it wasn’t in earshot of his family. He wanted to always protect Ariah from the cruelty of the world, but alas he knew that someday would come when he would no longer be able to do so. Thus, he agreed to the party and hoped for the best.

    As the evening wore on, Ariah was besides herself with excitement and anticipation. Everything was coming together perfectly. The main hall was decorated in her favorite colors pink and gold. The food was absolutely mouth- watering and her cake was fit for a princess, as well as it should.

“It’s time, it’s time. Mommy, daddy everything is finally ready.” Ariah was jumping all over the place squealing in utter excitement. She looked absolutely precious in her royal blue and gold dress.

   The first of the guests started to arrive and they were led directly into the hall. Ariah got a bit shy as more guests arrived and she held her father’s hand as they stood at the door greeting and welcoming each adult and child.

“ Well if it isn’t my dearest favorite brother.” The King exclaimed as he hugged a man that looked just like him. Ariah looked up in wonder at the stranger.

“Yeah that’s because I am your only brother.” The strange man replied.

Ariah tugged hard on her father’s hand to get his attention.

“Daddy who is that man?” She asked.

“This, Ariah is your uncle Thomas.” Replied the King.

“Pleased to meet you” Ariah curtsied and gave her uncle a big smile. Thomas smiled in return and at the same moment a woman and a little girl appeared from behind him.

“May I present to you my wife Edith and my daughter Rachel.” They offered a brief curtsy to the King and Queen but looked away from the princess embarrassingly. The King tensed up and balled up his hands into fists trying hard to control his anger. He did not want to make a scene in front of his daughter so he held his tongue. Sensing his tension, the queen grabbed his hand in hers to relax him.

“Thank you for coming. You’re the last of our guests so follow me this way please.” The Queen gestured to Edith and Rachel to follow. The King stayed behind to catch up with his brother while Ariah ran ahead of her mother. Thomas had been away on one of his many business ventures. He hadn’t seen his brother for some time now and he had just gotten back into town just two days short of a week. They had much to catch up on.

   The party started off well enough with the children’s games that had been prepared as entertainment. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, except Ariah whom the children ignored since the moment they arrived. Ariah ran to her Father, tears streaming down her face.

“Daddy none of the other children want to play with me. They keep running away from me” Ariah sobbed burying her little head in his shoulder. The King’s heart fell and he was so sad for his princess.

“It’s all right my love, they’re just not used to you yet. This is the
first time they are meeting you so they’re just a bit cautious so
let’s give it a bit more time okay?” The King wiped the tears
from her eyes and gave her a beaming smile of reassurance. Ariah stopped crying after her father’s words and smiled.

“Okay daddy.” She said and ran back to join the other children.

   The Queen had noticed the other children’s ignorance towards her daughter and so she did what any desperate mother would have done in her situation. She spoke to a couple of the children and promised them toys and goodies in exchange to being nice and playing with Ariah.

   Everything was going well enough after the queen’s actions and it seemed Ariah was actually enjoying herself. Then came time for all to gather at the dinner table and sing happy birthday to the princess.

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ariah, happy birthday to you…” They all chimed in loudly in unison.

“Blow out the candles and make a wish!” prodded her dad.

   Ariah blew out the candles on her beautiful cake and shut her eyes tightly as she made her wish.

“What did you wish for?” yelled out one of the children from across the table.

“I can’t tell you or else it won’t come true.” Replied Ariah.

“Well I hope you wished for a new face then.” Another child blurted out loudly and the whole table broke out into laughter. The Queen’s heart broke at hearing this. Ariah nonetheless was unfazed.

“No, I wished to grow up and be the best and most beautiful queen ever just like my mom. Also, I want to be an astronaut and fly into space discovering new worlds or even a scientist if I desire.” Ariah said defiantly.

“You’re too ugly to become queen.” Her cousin Rachel shouted.

“Rachel please hush up.” Edith pinched her daughter to silence her.

“Ouch! But it’s true and everyone else says it, even you mother.”

“That’s enough Rachel! I will not allow such insolence towards your own dear cousin, apologize at once.” Thomas scolded Rachel with a warning

   At this point both the King and the queen’s anger had risen up to a boiling point.

“And you’re too dumb to become an astronaut or scientist.” Another child pitched in. Ariah burst into tears.

   That was the last straw that drove the King over the edge. He’d had enough of this.

“I want everyone out of here now….!” The King ordered. It was more like a beastly growl. Everyone was stunned to silence, all too afraid to even move a muscle.

“Now!” He repeated. His voice was like rolling thunder and everyone scattered rushing to the door as quickly as they could.

   This was the angriest that they had ever seen the King. He was usually a level headed and calm man but today was the exception. He would never allow such disrespect and hurtfulness towards his daughter. Not from anyone whatsoever or whomsoever they were.

   The room cleared in a matter of seconds. The King’s brother and his family tried to stay behind to apologize but the King wasn’t having it. He ordered them out as well and forbade Rachel and Edith to ever show their faces around his castle again.

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