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Jennifer Barbee

Jennifer Barbee

Chandler, Arizona

Barbee is a speaker, motivator, entrepreneur and leading futurist. She was named Female Entrepreneur of the Year by the Stevie awards and #17 in StartupNation's Top 100 Moms in Business.

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About the author

Throughout her career, JB has been praised for her shockingly accurate prognostications.

As one client aptly put it,
"I'm confident in saying that Jennifer Barbee doesn't study the trends. She creates them."

As a speaker, coach and business owner, she regularly volunteers her time to non-profit groups advancing women and their uprising in helping women realize that futurists are strategists that have enough experience to look ahead 5 or 10 steps.

Jennifer has many documented predictions that have materialized, including:
2001, Rise of the Online Travel Agents
2004, Death of traditional Newspaper and media model
2005, Trouble with Online Travel Agents with tax and market-takeover
2006, Rise of Peer2Peer (Social Media)
2006, The upset of retail and shift to eComm
2009, The impending degradation of websites
2010, The tipping point for social media to become a search/discovery source.
2012, The death of the ad agency
2014, The plan for Google to enter the travel space
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The Feminine Futurist

A field guide for women to be badass predictors.

As the world reaches a new technology tipping point, women must develop as futurists or risk being left behind. Learn the strategies from female futurists to apply to any career.

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Futurist is not just a buzzword like 'guru'.  As this skill becomes critical with the next technology boom, women need to be fully prepared to take the lead, marrying their intuitive nature to hard-lined business practices.  A feminine futurist:

  • Taps into their experience in a field of work and notice the patterns that make their next bet a pretty sure thing.
  • Coaches out the old. Often, a futurist will reduce risks of a competitive edge shift or market shift.
  • Find, addresses and reorganizes missed opportunities for client growth.
  • Helps with clarifying goals and realistic actions for the clients near and long term needs.

In this book, futurist Jennifer Barbee coaches women to be leaders in this segment with step-by-step guides.  Included are interviews with other successful female futurists.

Why support this book?

  • Developing personal brand as a female futurist thought-leader.
  • Author has proven predictions in tech space.
  • Tried and true strategies to employ futurists tactics in all industries.
  • Stories from other female leaders in predicting and capitalizing on trends.
  • A must add to the women empowerment's book arsenal.

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millennial female executives in search of empowerment and training from women who have accomplished what they want to accomplish.

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