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Carlton B Reid III

Carlton B Reid III

Woodbridge, Virginia

Carlton Reid III is the author of one novella, three poetry chapbooks, one book of poetry, and is currently about to start crowdfunding "The Good Cause."

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Update #2 - Fresh ideas + God has a plan Aug. 26, 2020

Hi all,

As I continue to learn this semester, I will add new ideas. That also means I have to cite more people, but that’s okay. Giving you all the best experience is what I’m supposed to do as a writer.

Finally, it seems prudent to say that God is good. He has a plan, and I trust him. But that also means I act on faith without doubting. That’s why I’m crowdfunding this book. That’s why I’m trying to establish that Evangelicals need to be in the world but not of it. The church has no place throwing its weight around in politics.