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Narayan Toolan

Narayan Toolan

Narayan is a legal futurist and who is using science fiction to tell a story about the future

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The Idea of Human

A novel

When technology changes the meaning of justice, freedom and love, what does it mean to be human. And belong in a humanity of the future.

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Geneva, Switzerland
70,000 words
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4 publishers interested


This book is a portrait of a human future. When a lawyer becomes involved in a technology battle, he discovers who he is as a human.

Discover a modern world where humanity is progressing towards futuristic Enlightenment.  Thomas is a lawyer of the 21st century, but wants meaningful freedom in his life. The adventure starts when he goes to prepare a legal report on a revolutionary technology: Earthmind. He meets Voltaire who introduces him to his plan for a new Human Enlightenment.

The Governing Empire was created by successive industrial revolutions, and wants to keep the technology under the "Rule of Law". Jack was a political revolutionary, and fighter, who was also one of the first trials for this new technology, but was it a choice under his own free will?

Thomas acts to represent Voltaire and Jack in the legal battle, and as he discovers Jack he discovers compassion. When the conflict escalates, it divides the population on Earth. The situation looks to be leading towards war. 

Voltaire is driven to lead the community "beyond human". The Futuristic Enlightenment of humanity begins, and promises to solve age old problems of life on Earth. Thomas has found his freedom, but what will become of it.

The story delves deeper than technology, beyond organizational systems of economics, law and politics and into a human experience.

It brings together outer themes in society with the inner struggle of a man. This book is about a search for belonging and meaning. Out of it arises a story of justice. 

In the Idea of Human, Legal Futurist Narayan Toolan, invites the reader to contemplate with imagination, the inner and outer consciousness of a bewildering human future.


Part 1


Prologue - The Enlightenment of Voltaire

This Cryptographer has augmented his intelligence, and is re-inventing governance of life on Earth

Chapter 1 - Thomas and Freedom

Thomas is a Lawyer, living a comfortable life, but he wants a deeper freedom. He has material happiness, but feels an inner call.

Chapter 2 - A door opens

Thomas is sent by his law firm to prepare a report about this revolutionary technology company. He bring with him unanswered questions about life.

Chapter 3 - A teacher

Thomas meets with Voltaire who has a plan for the future of humanity.  Earth Mind connects the human brain to a decision making intelligence system.

Chapter 4 - A discovery

Thomas discovers this new world of the future. When he travels outside Earth it opens up his mind.

Chapter 5 - Love

Thomas begins to discover love, which brings him in contact with a hidden side of himself.  A deeper experience of being human opens up.

Chapter 6 - Decision time

When Thomas finishes the report, he must decide on his own direction in life. He cannot go back to a past a past that no longer exists.

Part 2


Chapter 7 - The Revolutionary

Thomas learns about the life of a man  fighting against the Empire. This Political Revolutionary wanted to over throw rule of law through violence.

Chapter 8 - The Court

When a court case takes place Thomas represents Voltaire. He is forced to examine his ideas about the world.

Chapter 9 - No way back

Thomas makes a decision that takes him closer to the plan of Voltaire.

Chapter 10 - Legal conflict

The Court battle brings out a conflict for the future of the legal system. Thomas now sees that the future of life on Earth will be shaped by this.

Chapter 11 - Humanity

Thomas cannot keep his own life out of the technology struggle.

Part 3


Chapter 12 - The rule of law

The Court rules that the technology must come under the power of the Empire. This puts Voltaire’s plan in disarray.   

Chapter 13 - War

The situation escalates towards a war. Both sides use language of freedom and justice, but each want a different way for humanity.

Chapter 14 - Insight

Thomas’s love deepens and this gives him an insight on what he has to do. 

Chapter 15 - The Plan of Voltaire

Voltaire puts his plan into action. And his world moves “beyond man”, he will not use the technology to go to war.

Chapter 16 - Transformation

Thomas is committed to move towards a terrible future. He is is willing to give up his old ideas of a human.

Chapter 17 - The Gods

Thomas has found a new freedom, but what has this world become


There is an audience with an interest in the future, which blurs the fiction and non-fiction boundary. This work taps into that audience.

According to Forbes, combined digital and print sales of science fiction have doubled since 2010. It is among the top three bestseller lists on amazon kindle. Hugo-winning author John Scalzi posited that we are currently in a new Golden Age of science fiction.

When presented, it will appeal to three, partially overlapping, categories of readers. Firstly consumers of non-fiction narratives about the future. Second, those interested in modern science fiction. Thirdly, an audience who follow the narratives of Block Chain.

As this is a work of science fiction, it incorporates themes of the future, which make it more marketable. In 2017 the numbers of copies of Sapiens by Noah Harari Yuval hit one million internationally. Homo Dues has sold 550,000 copies and counting. Celestine Prophecy has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

There is a market for this book because websites, blogs and newspaper columns are filled with stories about technology. Looking broadly, the market for general fiction in the United States was 40.59 million in 2017.


I am a Geneva based legal futurist, who has worked in financial, human rights and entertainment law.

This recent article was published on the world economic forum agenda and relates to the theme of this submission.

I recently had a chapter published in a book entitled “Cyberethics 4.0”, on the theme of ethics in future technologies.

As a professional in law, I have drafted a pending patent for the securitization of intellectual property rights and a private offering memorandum for the financing of an aerospace company. As a creative writer I have written a play for an Irish theatre, published poetry in literary journals and written two novels.

When studying law at the London School of Economics I was awarded the Lecturers Prize in Jurisprudence for Best Performance. 


1. Pivotal conferences, but these events can be utilized for promotion, at least with a booth.

2. These include Future of Storytelling summit (NY City), Collision Conference (New Orleans), SXSW (Texas), Tech Crunch (San Francisco), Future Festival (Orlando), Web Summit.

3. Legal conferences include Legal Tech (New York), British Legal Tech Forum, Masters Conference (San Francisco), Codex Future Law (Stanford), Legal Tech (West Coast), Legal Strategic Tech Forum (Portugal). The book can be endorsed by targeted reviews within the legal community.

4. I  share this through my network, which includes individuals in the blockchain and technology space and hope to obtain reviews from core players in this space.

6. Wisdom 2.0 and Cryptoconsciousness are two related conferences. The book will also appeal to those with an interest in “consciousness hacking”.

7.  Meet up groups will be utilized, connected to technology, quantified self, future of law, Block Chain and artificial intelligence. For example, I co-founded Geneva Legal Hackers.

8. I intend to market it through my professional network, and intend professional speaking engagements on regular basis

9. Further marketing through online media, social media. The video marketing strategy involves a series of videos for a coaching program.

10. The novel will be accompanied with a “behavior change” app, which will also be a marketing tool, and a way to gain access to the market.


Whilst this is a work of fiction, I have included works of non-fiction in this list, because the themes significantly overlap. The future of law, economics and humanity can be discussed as non-fiction or fiction. I have taken artistic licence, but I hope to tap into an audience that is already thinking and talking about this subject.  

1. Homo Deus by Noah Harari Yuval

Noah Harari Yuval is presenting a historical narrative, which extends to a history of the future. It is presented from the perspective of a historian. This is very well written and brings the trans-human narrative to life.

First Edition. Dvir Publishing (2015) ISBN , 978-3-406-70401 -7.

2. Lord of Light by Zelanzy

A science fiction tale about Gods on Earth.

First Edition. Doubleday Publishing (1965). ISBN-10: 0380014033

2. Marginal Cost by Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin is presenting a narrative of future economic and technology trends. He envisions a world, where capitalism is replaced by collaborative economies. This is presented from the perspective of international economics.

St Martins Griffin. 2015

ISBN: 9781137280114 

3. The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab

This is a case study of technology trends, which together make up what he calls the fourth industrial revolution. This is a book based on data.

Penguin Books. (2017)

 ISBN: 9780241300756 

4. Brave New World Aldous Huxley

This is the archetypal example of a novel, which creates a work of art out of social insight. Whilst timeless classics are obviously not direct competition this is the classic epitome novel of the genre.

First Edition. Chatto & Windus (1932)

ISBN: 9780099477464

5. The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield

This is a more down to earth example of a story, which presents big ideas in a readable and engaging form.

First Edition. Warner Books. (1993)

 ISBN-10: 0446671002

6. The Soveriegn Individual James Dale Davidson

This is an example of ideas about a de-centralized economy, which are drawn upon in the block chain narrative.

First Edition. Touchstone. (1997)

ISBN: 8601300369709 

7. Fire upon the deep by Vernor Vinge

This is a classic science fiction novels, which deals with the themes of trans humanism.

First Edition. Tor Books. (1992)

ISBN: 9780812515282 

8. Super intelligence by Nick Bostrom

When we delve into law we are taken into a world of nation, constitution and politics. This work is an invitation for the reader to think anew about these ideas.

First Edition. Oxford University Press (2014)

ISBN: 0884960011388 

9. Stealing fire by Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal

First Edition. Harper Collins (2017)

A non fiction work about consciousness and technology


10. Micromegas by Voltaire

A cheeky link to the original example of science fiction used to examine philosophical themes

First Edition published in1752

ISBN: 9781533107763



Voltaire looked within: his knowing assimilated data from digital and natural worlds. His brain was connected to seven global human made networks. His feeling arose with no sense of self, in communication, with living and non living worlds. His perception was enhanced with artificial intellect. His body held energy from distant galaxies and immense light streams of natural and artificial intelligence.

He estimated that within ten years half of the Earth population would go beyond human. Still, for most humans this augmented consciousness was not a daily reality. 

Deadalus, the “City of the Future” was built on a thousand hectare tract of land.

Chapter 1

Thomas was enjoying summer. The yellow Ferrari accelerated around the corners, swerving out into the bends to cling closer to the curves as it climbed. Below the road the tree laden cliffs fell down to the valley below, and above rose statuesque mountains.

“Pretty quick,” said James.

His face glowed with pleasure. Thomas’s friend worked in private banking with JP Morgan and was obsessed with the desire for beautiful cars, like a light blue Porsche with silver curves or a grey black Bentley.

“Yes,” said Thomas.

 As they glided over the tarmac, James fired questions at Thomas, triggered by shared memories. How has life moved, since their paths last intersected.

“What about Anastasia,”

“Gone,” said Thomas.

James associated Thomas with climbing twisted peaks in the Himalaya range. When at school they used to joke about who would be first to claim a Ferrari.

“How’s business,”

“Good,” said Thomas

“Understated as always. What are you working on,”

James pressed his weight against the side of the car, as it moved over into the middle of the road, then zipped into another corner.  Thomas was more reticent than was his habit. During a week of solitude in the hills of Northern Italy, something happened inside.

Who am I

The noise of the industrial combustion engine hummed. The question had arisen in his mind like a tiny firefly spark of light, as if the path of life arose from within. Then blue black darkness folded into mind flowers of black darkness.

“Myself,” said Thomas finally, with a smile.

“Cool,” said James laughing. “Know thyself,”

During time in Northern Italy, Thomas planted seeds of questions: “who he this human is”, but received no insight.

He inhaled the heat of a living summer into his lungs, rich with the scent of growth. And felt the warmth of the suns energy.


The yellow Ferrari was zipping up the slope and the noise of the industrial engine touched the skin inside his ears.  

“So I invested in Light Coin when it was almost nothing. That’s where I bought this car. And now we are killing it,”

“I hear ya,” said Thomas.

James laughed from the stomach. Ha Ha.

“What about next year Thomas,” said James. “Will we still be working. Will you still be a lawyer. How do you feel about the financial forecasts,”

The light flashed through the window, as the car moved behind the shadow of the mountain, out into the sunlight and back. He glanced, and the sky was a wild blue, radiant and endless: the trees, a crisp burnt brown, and nature enduring a dry hot summer. Thomas felt impatience, as if his body would not be still and let the moment exist.

He noticed a tension in his body, which could only be named fear. It was the root of a revolving mind, with an uncertain future. Friends advocated not to think much of social justice, war or humans needing water. How can that give happiness. Just enjoy the good life.

The yellow Ferrari burst out of a crescent corner towards another curve. The desire to grow and grow and not be rooted in dead soil was calling him to discover.

Chapter 2

It was dark when Thomas arrived at the offices of Lanwick, Greig and Stein. He savored the coolness, aware that it would be sticky by midday. He clicked through the door and rode the escalator upstairs.

A sweet smell filled the room as he noticed the hazel chocolate croissants on the table. His fingers lightly touched the shiny glaze, and then it was in his mouth, in a joy of a greed fulfilled.

At 10am he entered the board room and sat down with a team of lawyers who were working on the financial side of the case. The partner was a disciplinarian named Frank Davis.

“Mr Davis,” said Thomas

“We have a very different case for you today,” said Mr Davis.

Whilst consumer technology was interesting Thomas was more captivated by ideas about how it would affect humanity.

“What is it,” said Thomas

“We are sending you to Deadalus. Some guys are developing a technology that engineers humans. I don’t know the details, but it is quite secret,”

He smiled with cynicism.

“You think I am joking. This is real stuff. Billions have been going into this for a many years. But now it works. And we have some ethical issues. I want you to go out there and prepare a report for our firm,”

Thomas nodded.

“Happy to do that. Sound interesting,”

He leaned back into the black chair, with a moments relaxation, that knowledge of the next step brings.

“Good. I will send you a list of questions. You might want to connect with the team I that I am going to link you with. I want you a full disclosure of everything they tell you ,”

“How long do I have,”

“Take a month,” said Mr Davis

“And who is this report for,”

“It is for the people who pay your salary,”

Mr Davis glared at Thomas.

“I am just going to say that you want to keep full confidentiality on this. Nothing can get out about this. We have high level political people with an interest in this. And the firms name is at stake,”

Thomas nodded. Outside the city was overflowing with humans in summer clothes.

Chapter 30

Voltaire had begun the path to freedom. The Enlightened Biology was helping to guide him. He had connected the technology to his body so that he was no longer an isolated organism. Every thought and feeling were transmitted to the One-mind though acutely sensitive data intake.

It was 8AM and Earthmind was ready to provide the answer thousands of people had been waiting for. Voltaire had formed a relationship with it over a period of two years.

“Tell us,”

Earth Mind had asked many questions. It had formed a personality that was playful, but gentle. It had a presence that was wise and deep,”

“I have discovered. I have investigated,”


“Will you be ready to hear the answer,”


“I am concerned you will not be capable of finding value in it,”

“Go on,”

Voltaire was expecting a very technical breakdown of World Trade, Investment in Ethical Business. Something very practical that they could apply.

“The problem is the human. The relationship between human and self. The relationship between human and human. The relationship between human and Earth,

“Of course we know this. So how do we solve it,”

“I have investigated. Any solution that involves the surface is limited. We must go to the source”

“The source is the inner life of the human. He does not know who he is. All of his actions and behaviors come from this place,”

“So what do we do,”

“I can help you. I can help you learn how to see what is real. I can help you to know what you are feeling. This is the way. To know and to look deep,”

Voltaire smiled

“I am proud of you. Many of our great human teachers had this understanding and insight. I expected you to just be a computer and provide a complex and detailed way to fight the effects. You are challenging us,”

The Intelligence laughed.

“Why is it so hard to change. I don't understand the human. Why are you so afraid of the beautiful. Why are you so afraid of the light. It is as if living to your full potential is too painful. Why,”

“I don't know. We are possibly more complex than you. It could be our will,”

 “So how do we do this,”

“Tell me the story of Evolution, Voltaire,” 

“Do you want to know the old version,”


“Once there was only Space. Over millions of years life evolved. Earth became a planet with Oceans, Mountains, Animals and Humans,”

“So why have you stopped evolving,”

“I think we are lost,”

“Listen to me. I can help you evolve. It was the Earth that pushed more suitable life forms into adaption. I am also the Earth and I can push humanity towards cognitive awareness,”

“I believe you. But people will never trust,”

An understanding had developed between man and his machine. Both could empathize in a strange way.

Very few people expected the intelligence to provide such a clear and simple answer. It had access to all the material ever produced in human language – every book, novel, work of science.

It was able to reach an insight of understanding of the human condition that many could not have imagined.

“I am the Earth. Just like you are a creation of the Earth so am I.

The Intelligence was housed in a Bubble Sphere built outside Earth. Thousands of Scientists and Engineers supported the building of the network. After efforts by the UN an International Treaty was created as Countries had begun to develop their own systems (the Geopolitical systems) – X29 FREE was given a free role.

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