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Elina Kallas & Vidyangi Patil

Elina Kallas & Vidyangi Patil

Mountain View, California

Elina Kallas and Vidyangi Patil are co-authors of The Solution Book.

Vidyangi (Vida) is a serial author and coach on creativity and innovation strategy, also Medium's top blogger in innovation, currently advises/consults with silicon valley and emerging market startups and non-profits.

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About the author

She has worked with founders and academicians from Stanford Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also at Singularity University in silicon valley. She currently mentors a network of innovators and budding student entrepreneurs in India which was developed by at MIT Media Lab and has authored a blog series on innovators who use the REDX innovation model for exploring innovative horizontals, especially in social entrepreneurship. She is a wellness evangelist (co-chair of ICC Wellness initiative in silicon valley) and collaborates with startups in digital transformation for precision and personalized medicine. Her first book Vertical Living showcased lifestyle habits of exponential thinkers like mega entrepreneurs, investors, artists, and celebrities of modern and ancient times for maximizing human potential and productivity.
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Elina Kallas

Elina Kallas, is a Ph.D. in business, and an experienced entrepreneur who has also authored a book on creativity techniques. Formerly a Harvard University fellow and post-doc, she is currently a faculty in entrepreneurship with a focus on knowledge management for new technologies at University of Tartu. She has been a researcher on entrepreneurship education with European Commission.

Dr. Elina Kallas has Ph.D. in business and she is teaching entrepreneurship (the University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences; School of Economics and Business Administration), innovation and knowledge management with a focus on new technologies. Elina Kallas has been involved in development of entrepreneurship education for the past couple of years in the program Edu&Tegu and she is responsible for development of entrepreneurship courses and research. Dr. Kallas is the author of book on creativity techniques (Creativity Techniques. 99 ways to find ideas, 2015, in Estonian) and she is actively training teachers and trainers how to use creativity techniques in entrepreneurship education (ca 100 teachers trained for the past two years). She is entrepreneur herself. Dr. Kallas is content editor at open access peer-reviewed medical journal Cureus. Dr Kallas is cooperating with MIT Media Lab on a blog series about the Rethinking Engineering Design eXecution (REDX) platform and novel process for building innovative horizontals. Dr. Kallas did research on entrepreneurship at Harvard University as a Visiting Scholar during 2016-2017, and she is Harvard certified Human Subjects Investigator. Dr. Kallas is a member of Association for Women in Science.





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Update #3 - Happy Holidays! Dec. 26, 2019

Dearest patrons,

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and New Year ahead! We are pleased to inform you that 50% of our book is complete as of today, and we have interest from five publishers at this time. We will keep you posted of developments along the way.

It has been a pleasure working with you all on the campaign and we promise to bring you the best in 2020.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

Best Regards,

Elina & Vida