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Seth Greene

Seth Greene

Williamsville, New York

Seth Greene is the co-host of the Sharkpreneur podcast with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington which was just named the number 6 podcast to listen to in 2019. He is an authority on how to grow your own cult of 50 evangelists promoting your business every week for a year.

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Seth Greene is the nation’s foremost authority on how to grow your own cult of 50 evangelists promoting your business every week for a year.

Seth is the co host of the Shark preneur podcast with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington which was just named the number 6 podcast to listen to in 2019

He is is a 8 time best selling author who has been interviewed on NBC news, CBS news, Forbes, inc, CBS Moneywatch and many more.
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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with a Podcast

Podcast Your Way To Increased Profits in 30 Minutes A Week

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with a Podcast provides a process to grow your business with a podcast, explode your sales, and expand your relationships in only 30 minutes per week with a strategic direct response podcast.

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Marketing & Sales
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There are over 1,966,847 podcasts. How do you get yours to stand out? More importantly, how can you use a podcast to grow your business, and generate trackable sales and referrals every single week?

Many influencers and programs teaching podcasting are focused on the wrong things: downloads, subscribers, ad revenue, etc. With almost 2 billion podcasts active and most struggling to get listeners, the traditional methods of building a community are broken or changing rapidly.

In The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with a Podcast, Seth Greene lays out the process to get your podcast generating bankable results from day one, and will ensure that your podcast content is the most profitable marketing you ever do! With over 63 shows produced, he generates business for his podcast clients every single week.

Seth has generated over five million dollars in sales for his business, from his own show called Market Domination, and if this book helps you get even 10% of those results, the only regret you will have is that you didn't follow this process sooner.

Sales arguments

  • There are over 1,966,874 podcasts with more than 550,000 viewers across our social media channels.
  • Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank is writing the forward, with an influence of over 500k on social media.
  • Authors has produced 63 podcasts with direct access to their hosts and viewers who align with our audience.
  • Author has written 8 other best-selling books with a growing community of entrepreneurs and podcasters.

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Authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, financial advisors, and people with podcasts or who want to start one.

Advance praise

Brian Greenberg review for Market Domination for Podcasting: Secrets From the World's Top Podcasters by Seth Greene
"The very best books for entrepreneurs. Amazing information. Thank you! If you are interested in entrepreneurship, this is a must-read. Seth is an absolute pro. I highly recommend it. Thank you for putting this information out there!" 5.0 out of 5 stars

3 publishers interested
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Australia, Canada, United States

Sample Chapters

Introduction by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington

I first met Seth Greene in 2014. I was in Buffalo, NY speaking at a regional conference for the organization I co-founded with Michael Dell, EO (Entrepreneurs Organization).

I gave my speech, and then went to the table in the back where I was signing autographs of my new book, and taking pictures with members.

A young man approached me next in line, and instead of asking me for a selfie or an autograph, offered me a ride to the airport. This was before UBER, fyi. I declined, and told him I was just going to get a taxi. He insisted that HE was MY ride to the airport. So I graciously agreed to let him drive me. I had a meeting with the leaders of EO in that region before I was heading to the airport, so I asked him if he wanted to tag along, and then drive me. He agreed, and waited patiently for me to be done taking pictures with everyone. He sat behind me in the meeting, and took copious notes about what was going on. Then I went and grabbed my luggage, and checked out of the hotel, while he pulled his car around.

While he drove me to the airport, he pitched me, which I figured was his reason for offering me a ride. While his pitch wasn’t perfect, I could tell he was following my 10 steps to the perfect pitch formula. It’s always a good idea to do your homework before you pitch someone, and Seth had certainly done his. He ultimately asked me if he could send me a copy of the analysis he and his company had done on how they could improve my ecommerce juggernaut (which I later sold). He said their ideas could improve our sales 20%.

“You know we do over a billion dollars a year, right?” I asked. “Are you telling me you can make me another $200,000,000 a year?”

He gulped nervously, but said yes. So I told him he could send me the analysis, and got out of the car to go catch my flight. I didn’t think much of it, because a lot of people who pitch me fail in the follow up department.

Several days later, I was in a board meeting for one of my companies, when my assistant burst in. “I’m sorry to interrupt Mr. Harrington, but you have to see this!” I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about - was there an issue with my wife or adult children or grandchildren?

Instead she showed me a large aluminum box, that looked like the kind the Secret Service would carry the bomb codes in for the president. After asking her if it was ticking, I opened it, and inside was a DVD player that started playing a message from Seth to me. In it, he walked me through everything else that was in the box, and gave me instructions to view his team's analysis on the video. It was very impressive. I called Seth later that day, and we set up a time to talk.
The ideas he and his team presented on optimizing our ecommerce platform were spot on. Some of them were things we had thought of, but hadn’t gotten around to, and some were ideas we have never heard before.

Unfortunately, we could not implement them all, as the AsSeenOnTv platform was run by a different company that also handled our physical product fulfillment, among other things.

But the ideas presented to me by Seth and his team, and the way they delivered them impressed me.

So we hired Seth and his company to work for us on a number of other projects, and companies we owned.

Seth and I spoke on stage together at several of my events each year, and he served as a judge for several years (and his marketing company helped fill the room) at my live Pitch Tank events.

We were having dinner at one of those events when I asked him what he had that was sexy, shiny, and new.

He told me about his company's turnkey, done-for-you, podcast into a book authority maker program. I wanted a podcast, but I didn’t have time to do all the work. So I offered him the opportunity to rebrand his existing direct response marketing podcast around the two of us, and I would join him once a week as his co-host, and promote the shows I was on to my followers. As we say on SharkTank, Seth immediately said, “I’m in.” That was about two years ago, and we haven’t looked back. Since then we’ve launched another show, Startup Millionaires, and created two companies together.

Co-Hosting the SharkPrenuer show with Seth has brought me numerous opportunities that otherwise might not have come my way. It has extended my brand to an entirely new audience, and has driven both relationships and revenue to our companies. It has also gotten me numerous appearances on other podcasts, and media outlets.

I highly recommend not only podcasting as a business growth strategy, but Seth and his team. They do almost all of the work. I just show up, hang out, and meet amazing people. I urge you to read, and most importantly, implement what you learn in this book. Then go tune into SharkPrenuer or Startup Millionaire (or both), I hope to see you there.

Sample Chapters

Before we dive in to why hosting your own podcast, and being a guest on other people’s podcast, should be your #1 marketing strategy this year, let's take a step back and talk about your business.

In our experience of generating over 30,643,945 prospects for our clients through 2,987 different marketing campaigns,we have been able to determine that 50% of the success or failure of your business will come down to this one factor:

Who is your target market?

The most important factor in determining the success or failure of any business is your selection of its target market.

I will give you an example of a poorly defined target market, and an example of one that totally reinvented a client's business.

The first question we ask in any marketing consultation for a client is the most important one, “Who is your target market?” In this particular instance, the response was from a gentleman in my BNI chapter, “I’m a dentist. I can help anyone with teeth.”

I said, “Hang on doc. Let me pull out my phone, call every single person I know, ask them if they still have their teeth, and send them to you.” He laughed, and realized his mistake.

He can’t afford to reach every single person with teeth in his geographic market, nor would he want to. Some of them can’t afford his services, so they should not be targeted.Some of them already have a dentist, and unless he can communicate to them why he is different, his message will fall on his deaf ears.

As New York Times best-selling author of Fascinate, Sally Hogshead, writes, “Different is better than better.”

If 10 dentists all say they give great service, have painless dentistry options, and will take good care of you, how is your prospect supposed to tell you apart? Plus, it can’t be true. Statistically, some of them have to be inaccurate, or lying, though maybe not on purpose.

According to online surveys, 80% of Amercians consider themselves to be above average drivers. Again, that statistic is too outstanding to be true. It’s the same in any industry. If you and everyone else who does what you do all say the same thing, your prospects can’t tell you apart.

So let’s stay with our dentist for a minute, and see how it applies to your business.
We analyzed his patient base. We did a deep dive, and looked at who his favorite patients were, who paid him the most, who referred the most, who were the easiest to deal with, and a myriad of other factors. Plus we asked him and his staff a bunch of qualitative questions like, “If you could only treat one type of patient for the rest of your career, and no-one else, if the sky’s the limit, who would you want to treat?”

We finally were able to determine that his ideal patient was a 40-50 year old, affluent suburban woman, who had gotten divorced in the last 6 months and starting to date again, was terrified of competing against younger women, wanted to do something to make herself feel more confident, but didn’t want plastic surgery.

You see the difference there between that and “people with teeth”?

Here is how we transformed his practice:

We convinced him to close his practice for 3 months, while getting him to have his practice completely remodeled. It went from looking like a bland, boring dental practice to looking like a spa.

When he reopened, we launched the Divorce Smile Makeover package.
For $25,000 cash with NO insurance, the divorcee got a total smile makeover, and so much more. She and a friend (you have to bring a friend to keep you company, built in referral) got picked up in a Rolls Royce Limo. They drink champagne. They sit in massage chairs (not dental chairs). They get a mani-pedi while getting her smile makeover. After her smile is done, the limo takes them to meet with a personal stylist, who takes them shopping for 3 new high end outfits at a designer store. Then she goes to the salon to get her new hair and makeup. Then she goes to the photography studio where she gets all new pictures for dating sites. Then she and her friend go out to a 5 star dinner at the best restaurant in town. Then the limo takes them both home.

As a regular dentist, he has a competitor on almost every block in town. As the Divorce Smile Makeover expert, he has no competition.

Sure, other dentists all over town are screaming that they do cosmetic smile makeovers too, but none of them can duplicate the experience, or the marketing, he delivers. He now works 4 days a week instead of 6, has lower overhead, sees one patient per day, and has increased his revenue 500% by reinventing his whole practice to focus on one type of patient.

That’s the difference that a well defined micro-niche target market can have.

Stay tuned, you will see how this all applies to podcasting in just a minute...

Sample Chapter

Where do they hang out?

For our dentist, where does he reach these recently divorced or currently divorcing women?

His full page ads in local magazines aimed at the high net worth woman, his direct mail, and his social media are all aimed at divorced women. His referral sources include divorce attorneys, marriage counselors, therapists, financial advisors, and most importantly hair stylists and Mary Kay and Avon Ladies. Considering the hair stylist finds out the woman wants a divorce even before the husband does.

He has print ads in local magazines aimed at high net worth women.

He has direct mail targeted by gender, age, income / net worth, the fact that they go to local spas, etc. He has Facebook ads that start appearing the second you change your relationship status from married to divorced, single, or “it’s complicated”. He has YouTube videos about all kinds of topics, everything from keeping your teeth white, to tips on the best pictures for dating sites, to stress management, to co-parenting, you name it. He has guest experts / referral sources on those topics post videos on those topics.

He gets special discounts from the limo company, stylist, hair salon, and photographic studio he uses. His dental hygienists are also licensed cosmetologists now, so they can do the manicures and pedicures. They love working for him because it is a totally different work experience. They don’t have any patients that are “afraid of going to the dentist” anymore. Everyone coming there is super excited to be accepted as a patient. Their level of engagement on social media is off the charts, and they have a waiting list of women wanting to get in. They have even gotten calls of women offering to divorce their husbands if they can get the royal treatment.

When was the last time you saw ANY dentist getting that kind of fan appreciation?

Even his ad in the Yellow Pages (yes, the phone book) is different. Every ad for every dentist shows pictures of the smiling staff, their office building, and their contact info. Every dentist ad is listed in the dentist section. Not this doc. He has multiple ads, and not one is in the dentist listing. He had to fight tooth and nail to get it, but he has ads in the divorce lawyer section, the hair salon section, the spa section, and the psychologist section.

Where does your target market hang out, and where can you reach them where no one else who does what you do is advertising?

Podcasts of course!

[Stats on podcasting market]

I have clients who are financial advisors. It started out as a 2 person partnership, and now they own several companies between them, serve thousands of clients, and have dozens of employees, and manage hundreds of millions of dollars.

They did it all by being the co-hosts of a traditional AM radio talk show, and using that to drive leads, consultations, appointments, and seminar registrations.

They went downtown to the studio, and recorded their show live early every Sunday morning, every week for years to build their brand and their business. They spent a fortune to have an hour long talk show every week, plus all the radio ads they bought on the station promoting their show.

It built an empire, but it was a lot of work, cost a lot of time and money, and took years before it began to pay off.

So what’s the problem with traditional radio?

It takes a lot of time and money, and you waste a lot of time and money to reach people who have no interest in what you do. Radio stations sell air time based on how many people could possibly hear your show. It doesn’t take into account that not every one of those people will tune in, or even care about you and your business.

Podcasts are the total opposite.

It costs nothing for podcast airtime. Read that again. Podcast air time, as of this writing, is 100% free. You can have a 15 minute show, a 30 minute show, or even a 2 hour show, and it all costs $0. There is no fee for iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, or iHeartRadio to have a podcast.

Podcasts are a micro-niche target marketers dream come true.

Niches that could NEVER support a national, or even LOCAL radio show, or cable access tv show can support a podcast.

For example— there is a show called The Pen Addict, which is two guys talking about pens. For an HOUR each episode. They have been airing for almost 13 years. They have an entire website with advertisers, sponsors, and everything that goes along with it. As far as I can tell, they make money selling ads and sponsorships, and get affiliate commissions when you buy a pen through one of their links. It is a niche I didn’t even know existed, and you would never find enough of a market to support a regular radio show, but they have a viable business based on their podcast. Apparently there are enough pen aficionados nationwide to support them.

Then there is the Muse Stories podcast, which is an entire show devoted to — wait for it — garden gnomes.

Or you can listen to Chameleon Breeder, if you are thinking about learning everything there is to know about pet chameleons.

If they can find a profitable audience, then so can you.

In the “old days,” you had to pay for expensive advertising on someone else's giant media platform in the hopes that a tiny sliver of their audience would get your message and respond. Now you can build your own media platform starting with a podcast that only your exact target market will listen to, because they are searching for you.

In addition to all of the media types listed above, a podcast should be an essential spoke in your marketing wheelhouse.

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    I have been working with Seth Greene and his team for over a year now with my successful podcast up and running for three months now. Terrific experience!

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    Tim Turner

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