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Golden Questions

Golden Questions

discover new books that pose questions and offer solutions through wisdom, imagination, and wonder.

Publishizer Summer 2024 List

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June 2024 - August 2024


 This summer Publishizer is a calling for books that encourage critical thinking, exploration, and dialogue through the art of holding space for and asking questions. 


✨ Summer 2024 Publishizer Book Club Pick 


Ponder on it Pilgrims by Charles Hamm 

Author Charles Hamm has encouraged and delighted countless readers with his first book Ponder on it Pilgrims. In his introduction, Charles asks what he calls The 4 Golden Questions before sharing timeless advice and wisdom, packed with a lot of wit and Texas humor throughout the rest of the book. 

Publishizer will be hosting a Live Conversation with Charles on Wednesday, August 29th to celebrate the conclusion our Summer 2024 theme and discuss his favorite questions and phrases to ponder on. 


✨ Summer 2024 Campaigns  ✨


Becoming an Inclusive Republic  by Cordell Carter

Agent: Bethany Marshall

Cordell Carter is the executive director of the Aspen Institute Socrates Program and the founding director of the Aspen Institute’s Project on Belonging. In Becoming an Inclusive Republic by Cordell speaks to the civically-engaged leaders amongst us looking for a positive national narrative and a society where everyone belongs and enjoys equitable opportunities to thrive. 


Dating "Disablity" by Emily Goodson 

Agent: Bethany Marshall

Intimacy issues are widespread in the United States. How do understand and navigate its nuances? In particular, what is the intersection between intimacy and disability? Emily Goodson is committed to reshaping the discourse surrounding intimacy, through "Dating Disability", her creative work in the LA Times and her workshops around disability.


The Shame Deception: How Shame is Ruining our Mental Health  by Michael Appleton 

Agent: Lee Baucom 

We're taught shame punishes wrongdoers, but what if much of what we're told is wrong - and it mostly punishes the innocent? In The Shame Deception, senior psychotherapist Michael Appleton shows how shame is having a negative impact on our mental health - and explains how it makes us hide our mental health. The book shows how we're still deceived, explains what we can do to reverse shame - and tells shame-recovery stories.


Sow, Grow, Lead  by Haley Cooper 

Agent: Ari Saeidi-Pour

In her new professional development book, Haley Cooper poses and addresses a crucial inquiry for readers: "How can nonprofit leaders efficiently initiate and maintain a nonprofit organization in a resource-constrained environment?" By sharing her journey of founding a nonprofit at the age of 24 in Malawi, Africa, the book provides a roadmap of practical strategies, challenges, and solutions tailored for emerging nonprofit leaders. It delves into the essential elements of successful nonprofit management, from initial concept to long-term sustainability, and offers valuable insights and lessons learned from real-life experiences in a challenging environment.


Vanishing Down Under  by Claudia Clark 

Agent: Ari Saeidi-Pour  

Claudia Clark sheds light on Australia's alarming wildlife extinction crisis. Despite being home to more endemic animals than any other place on earth except Indonesia, Australia faces the world's highest extinction rates for its native species. Through insightful analysis and policy recommendations, Clark addresses the pressing challenges endangering Australia's unique wildlife and advocates for urgent action to protect these precious creatures before it's too late.


Unpacking by Donatas Griciu

Agent: Ari Saeidi-Pour  

Unpacking isn't a guidebook; it's a testament to the transformative power of travel. It asks and challenges readers to reconsider what it means to connect with places and people. Through their journey, Donatas and Victor encounter the unexpected – challenges that test their limits and moments of profound connection that change their perspective on the world.


We Can Save the World, Mars Can Wait  by Lori Myren-Manbeck

Agent: Ari Saeidi-Pour 

We Can Save the World  asks readers to consider the impact we make on the environment while providing practical solutions anyone can apply. 

In a world where meaningful change often seems elusive, Dr. Lori's interactive coffee table book stands as a vital bridge, encouraging individual participation. Integrate green living into your daily routine with actionable insights and explore related organizations connected through QR codes, all while adding a touch of elegance to your space. Moreover, each purchase aids tree-planting initiatives.


Sol's Vigil by Emmanuel Anifowoshe

Agent: Bethany Marshall with Awele Ilusanmi, Publishizer agent in training 

Emmanuel Anifowoshe is a clean tech professional based in New York City, building a career in energy efficiency and renewable power at the intersection of business, policy, and technology. In his novel Sol's Vigil he explores layers of themes through his characters and narrative, exploring questions such as will the energy revolution help us reimagine societies that hinge on people, progress, and possibilities as opposed to pointless hierarchy



Golden Questions Special Sales ✨ 


My Pet Bug by Abriella Milazzo

Abriella, a certified Montessori teacher asks her young readers: What if a bug was seen as more than just a creepy, crawly thing; it was in fact a dear friend and teacher of things such as How to Read. My Pet Bug is not only funny, but educational too. (Bright Communications) 


Estimated Time of Departure  by Willy Donaldson 

Death is an inevitability. Yet the vast majority of us seem to want to ignore this fact. However, death is inevitable, and trying to avoid talking about it is a mistake. Estimated Time of Departure invites readers on a journey alongside one man having these discussions with his parents and revealing how powerfully loving, revealing, and cathartic they were. (Aitia Press) 

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🗺️  Industry Guides 🗺️

Publishizer will be hosting educational sessions with the following industry professionsals for authors who are participating in the Summer 2024 Theme. 


📍Will Wolfslau, Editorial Director at Amplify Publishing Group 

Will helps authors to develop and position their books for maximum impact at Amplify Publishing Group. He draws on over a decade of experience in the publishing industry, having begun his career at storied literary publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux. He then joined Crown (a division of Penguin Random House) as an acquiring editor, where he worked with a Nobel Peace Prize winner and on a dozen New York Times bestsellers. A native of Southern California, he now lives in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter, and an elderly dachshund.


📍Kesley Smith, Marketing Director at Zoek Marketing  

Kesley Smith has over a decade of leadership experience in the marketing industry. She joined Zoek Marketing as Marketing Director in March 2023.

Previously, Kesley served as the Director of Business Development and Head of Submissions at Greenleaf Book Group, where she significantly contributed to establishing Greenleaf as a premier hybrid publisher for thought leaders during her five-year tenure. She successfully launched three world-class imprints in collaboration with global business leaders Fast Company, Inc. and BrainTrust. At Greenleaf, she oversaw all incoming submissions, served on the company's approval board, and represented submission approvals for the imprints. Kesley's outstanding contributions at Greenleaf were recognized when Publisher's Weekly named her a 2020 Star Watch Honoree.

Kesley holds dual B.A. degrees in Marketing and Public Relations and an MBA in Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio.


📍Tamara Mayo, Founder and CEO of Taevo Publishing

Tamara Mayo is the visionary founder and CEO of Taevo Publishing, a pioneering traditional publishing company committed to amplifying diverse voices in literature. With a fervent dedication to promoting exceptional writing, Tamara has established Taevo as a vanguard in the digital publishing arena, with a particular focus on elevating the voices of BIPOC women writers and industry professionals.

A published author and holder of a degree in Computer Information Services, Tamara embodies a relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Beyond her professional endeavors, Tamara is deeply invested in addressing low literacy rates in underrepresented communities, championing initiatives to foster a love for reading and writing through Taevo’s community outreach.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Tamara and her team harness their collective talents to effect positive change, advocating for social causes and leveraging their platform to empower marginalized voices. As a proud mother and unwavering advocate for inclusivity, Tamara remains steadfast in her commitment to fostering a literary landscape that celebrates diversity and equality.


📍Shonda Ramsey, Graphic Designer and Host of the Dear Indie Author Podcast 

Shonda Ramsey began creating greeting cards for her stationery brand as a way to heal her heart after a miscarriage. As time went on, others started reaching out to her to help them with their brand identity and marketing design.

Along the way, she discovered that she was the go-to person for designing book covers that captured the heart of the author’s work and aligned with their personal identity. Feeling torn between helping entrepreneurs and authors, she found a way to do both.

Her brand is built on compassion and empathy. She will listen to you and help develop a plan that helps meet your needs.

Whether you need a book cover that instantly draws readers in, complete with a matching formatted interior, or a brand identity to represent your business, you’ve come to the right person.

Her mission is to help you confidently express your voice and embrace your authentic identity in everything you do, while also honoring the faith that guides you. Shonda is a graphic designer, author, entrepreneur, and podcaster based in Ohio.


📍Ashley Nance, Founder of ReVoice

Ashley Nance is a marketing visionary and inclusion advocate who founded ReVoice, a consultancy focused on amplifying underrepresented voices. After managing a successful five-figure course launch in 2017, Ashley made it her mission to guide coaches, trainers, and industry leaders in launching transformative digital academies. Her savvy funnel design, audience-aligned messaging, and tested branding frameworks have positioned change-makers as online authorities.

Whether increasing opt-in rates, building customer loyalty, or transforming subscribers into raving fans, Ashley's expertise in marketing and communication helps authors and entrepreneurs achieve remarkable success.


📍Ari Saeidi-Pour, Publishizer Agent and founder of Mint Mantis 

Publishizer Agent, Ari Saeidi-Pour is offering an Author Positioning Workshop which helps authors align personal identity with marketing strategy. Ari helps authors enhance book marketability with the purpose of increased performance and reduces stress throughout the publishing journey. This workshop is focused on compelling book positioning and messaging with the pupose of creating increased confidence, greater publisher engagement, and measurable outcomes such as increased pre-orders and publisher interest.