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Dr. Clare  Allen

Dr. Clare Allen

Perth, Australia

Dr Clare Allen
CEO, Author, Coach

#Proven high performance CEO
#Highly credentialed (Doctor of Business Admin; Masters of Business Leadership)
#Strongly sought after Executive Coach
#Winner of prestigious awards (Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Community and Government)
Author, Sacred Heart, 7 Wake up Calls.

A CEO before she was 30 years Clare has dedicated herself to understanding what makes a great leader and has coached many people for great success. She has rapidly turned around companies through her unwavering belief in others and her ability to maximize performance. Clare has successfully coached hundreds of people and is known for her leadership insights.

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About the author

I have been in CEO roles for more than two decades. It takes people years to obtain a CEO role.  How many CEO’s do you see under the age of 30 years and female? Well I made it before 30 years of age!

 All of qualifications and research is related to people and leadership, and business and how to utilize people’s skills for maximum performance. I have the rare combination of acute business skills combined with a deep understanding of helping people to perform and I make it seem easy for people because I share my experience and my toolbox.

I have mastered the art of career progression, and how to capitalize on opportunities and I have helped people to obtain great recognition for their work. I have coached many people, CEO’s, senior leaders and emerging leaders, and business owners and I partner with them to overcome the difficulties that they are facing and I help them to position themselves for opportunities, recognition and success, but always with their life in balance.  People usually find themselves re-positioned and able to cope, overcoming self-defeating behaviors and learning from my insights to make progress with their career or develop a business opportunity and most all to be true to their purpose. I show people how to work smarter and not harder for better results.

At age 23 I was leading a team of people, much older than me from a position of age/gender disadvantage, and gaining the respect of older employees, which I did. Then I became CEO at 30 years, a small company but a good start. I realized I had the experience for a larger CEO role but I had no real qualifications and I knew I needed them to obtain a bigger opportunity. By 36 years I had a Master of Business Leadership and a whole bunch of qualifications and by 47 years a Doctor of Business Administration and I have held two more much larger CEO roles. Working with various boards and senior people, we have tripled a companies turnover, expanded from 2 sites to 11, and from 2000 clients to 12000 clients and improved balance sheets and financial performance, developed successful strategies, re-branded companies.

I have won numerous awards for visionary leadership and shaping leaders and I have helped charities and business to achieve outstanding results, all by harnessing and shaping people. All by
unleashing leadership potential.
I could sit back now and share my knowledge with a selected group of people and spend more time with my partner and play with my Boxers, I have nothing to prove anymore.  There is just one problem I have decades left in me and I want to help a wider audience, and my toolbox is actually overflowing with strategies and concepts for accelerated growth.

And, the truth is, I love shaping talent and unleashing people’s potential 

I have so many things to share to make it easier for others, so why wouldn’t I.

The trigger stones are very special to me. 
They come from a deep and authentic place and I want the world to share this beautiful gift.
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$99 Introductory Offer

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The Trigger stones package will retail at $150 and upwards. To be cost effective, I want to produce higher volumes and so I am offering it to you at this price as an introductory offer of $99.

This is not just a book, it is a leadership journey.

I will personally sign the Trigger Stones book for each set.

1 copy

$10 shipping

$180 Give a gift

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One for you and one for a gift.

It looks beautiful!

Two sets of Trigger Stones will retail at $300 and upwards.

This is not just a book, it is a leadership journey.

I will personally sign the Trigger Stones book for each set.

2 copies

$19 shipping

$900 coaching

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This is not just a book, it is a leadership journey.

I will personally sign the Trigger Stones book for each set.

In addition I will offer two coaching sessions on Skype valued at $800 or access to one of my coaching programs.

10 copies

$50 shipping

Trigger Stones

Unleash the Leader Within

This is a leadership journey not just a book.
8 Leadership characteristics that will literally change your life.

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This is not just a book, it is a
leadership journey. 
8 Leadership Characteristics that will literally Change your life!
This beautiful book comes with a set of unique river stones, specially designed and hand carved. You may have attended leadership training and listened to great leaders, and
now that greatness is here in the Trigger Stones, designed to reset your mind and to help you to lead with the true characteristics of a leader of leaders. 
To those that buy the Trigger Stones, you will be delighted and they will become part of your leadership toolbox. This will be a
lifetime investment in your personal leadership growth, because you will never want to part with them. 
To all publishers out there, this product will
ignite leaders across the globe and its uniqueness will draw people to choose it from the shelves, as if they are unlocking the mystery of great leadership and in doing so, they are unleashing their leadership potential. 
I have created the  
Trigger Stones from a place of deep reflection, knowledge and practice. I simply want to unleash leaders to be the best that they can be. 
The Trigger Stones  will:

Help you to know your purpose.

 Help you to create internal transformation.


 Unleash your leadership potential               

“In my younger years, I would carry a stone in my pocket to change a behaviour that needed changing. I would give the stone an affirmation and whenever I lapsed into old habits, I would feel the stone and re-set my thinking. I was a CEO well before I was 30 years old”

 ~Dr Clare Allen  

These stones have been designed to trigger new attitudes and behaviours that form the characteristics of being a great leader of self and others.


The book is a personal journey of leadership.

Within the box, there is a beautiful book, and a set of hand carved trigger stones in a white calico bag. 

The book starts with some questions and opportunities for you to set some personal and leadership goals.

Then the book explains to you, "How to get the best from your stones"

The mystery of the 8 leadership characteristics then unfolds throughout the book and through your personal experience in using the stones and the focusing on the reflections.  

The stones are referenced by four categories, and placed in a calico bag. You can draw a stone each day or week or month and you can reflect upon this stone and its application to your life.  For example if you pull out the 'Key stone', it has an S on one side and a P on the other side. These are specially chosen stones and specially engraved. S is for sovereignty and P is for purpose.

 The profound messages and insights within this book are from Dr Allen's deep reflections and vast experience as a leader. 

This is a leadership experience and if these characteristics are embedded into a persons leadership practice, they will be a leader that will be admired. 

“I have been working on making these stones and the energy from them is so powerful, and I love the fact that each set is so unique.”
                                                                 Louise Mika

This is the secret of  great leadership told by someone who has dedicated their life to understanding leadership. 


This product is ideal for leaders who want to understand the true characteristics of being a great leader and who are prepared to undertake the reflections within the book and work on putting this into practice in the workplace. The stones are a way of connecting to the behaviors of  great leaders and resetting the mind to act accordingly. This is turn will create an understanding of self, and if these leadership characteristics are embedded into practice, the person will be greatly admired as a leader by those around them.

I have already taken a pre-order for 50 sets of the Trigger stones and I have been asked to present on them to a couple of groups. 

I have also run focus groups to refine the product and the feedback has been so incredible, people believe it could be  a world wide success. 

Publishers, please note:
Some feedback from focus groups!
The target market should be international based on personal leadership development.
Method of sale-Internet, shops, day spa’s, training center's, wellness center's, 
Pricing- $140 basic for just the stones up to $1000  for special stones(crystal, wood from Amazon, dead sea stones).
This will create intentional behavioral change and an iphone app could be developed for people to connect and talk about positive leadership messages.
This is an investment in people’s future. 
This can change the world.
This is a new and unique product and there is really nothing like it on the market. 

If you are a publisher and want to know more, please act early, I have complete confidence in the Trigger Stones. 


I have a mailing list from events, hence the 50 pre-order sales. I have 1500 followers on Facebook and over 1000 plays of my podcasts. I have over 700 connections on linkedin and a number of connections with CEO's and senior leaders. I will capitalise upon this as a starting point.

I will add to this with a strong marketing campaign through Pinterest, Facebook and relevant social media sites and will cold call on companies and stores.  


There is nothing on the market to compare.

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