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Lily Winsaft

Lily Winsaft

Juno Beach, Florida

CEO and entrepreneur, Lily is a skilled reader of Akashic Records and is dedicated to helping us remember who we are and why we are here. She witnesses sacred healing.

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About the author

Lily Winsaft spent over 25 years in corporate America and owns a recruiting company that is currently managed by her oldest son. She studied psychology in college and was raised in a home where metaphysics was the backbone of all teachings. Reincarnation, karma, the chakra system, astrology, mythology, clairvoyance, etc. were all family suppertime topics.  

She had a very interesting adolescence and young adulthood in which she practiced meditation, yoga, dreamwork, and out-of- body travel. Later, her professional career focused on Sales, Recruiting, and Coaching (Career, Executive and Life). She is an entrepreneur at heart and an aspiring writer. 

In her early 40's she became a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and has witnessed hundreds of energy healings. Lily is also a highly skilled Akashic Records reader and regularly teaches classes at the Jamar Enlightenment Center in Palm Beach Gardens. Her soul’s purpose in this lifetime is to be of service to humanity by helping people remember who they are and why they are here. She facilitates Transformational Breath sessions, teaches the DreamWorker™ Protocol & Technique (a process she created), leads meditations and is an avid beach walker. 

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Shawn Cure

This novel is based on the true story of Shawn's life. Raised in the suburbs of New England, Shawn escaped a home where abuse was the daily meal and lived on the streets for several years. His experience as a teenage runaway was horrific. But he survived because of his warrior mentality and because of the spiritual guides that eventually led him to the life of a healer that he is now stepping into. His healing is humanity's healing.





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Update #9 - Where the Fuck Have We Been? July 16, 2019

Hi everyone. 

In this moment I don't know, really, what to say to you. But let me start by saying that Shawn and I did not run off with your money. I'm sure at least one of you might have thought that, even for a second? Your money is being safely kept with Publishizer [bless them]. We have not withdrawn it from the account. 

So, how do I begin to tell you why you haven't heard from me, from us, in almost 2 years? And why there hasn't been an explanation given to you about why we haven't kept our promise to deliver "Wake the Fuck Up" or your bonuses as discussed in our last update? 

Quite frankly, I am unable to put into words what these last 2 years have been for me. What I can share with you is that I have moved, and am still moving, through some pretty heavy family stuff. This has included addiction, mental illness, depression, death and other serious circumstances involving very close family members. I have had to step into the role of caregiver, healer, financial provider, transition specialist, and so much more. 

Writing this book has been a challenge to say the least. BUT the funny thing is that everything I have been dealing with is right up the alley of "Wake the Fuck Up!" My family has been [and still is] in the trenches of waking the fuck up. So I guess this is all perfect. Divine Timing. Whenever I say that phrase, "Divine Timing," I think of my good friend Bonnie Sax. She says that a lot. And she really means it. EVERYTHING to her always comes in perfect Divine Timing! 

And so the writing and completing of this book is in its own Divine Timing. I declare it so and I give no apologies. To you. To myself. To Source/Creator/God. 

Today I find myself in Hope Town [Bahamas] reigniting the passion for "Wake the Fuck Up." I came here to write. I didn't know at the time I booked this trip that I would be here to heal from an injury to my cervical spine that resulted in partial paralysis of my arms and hands; and a fractured rib. When I booked this trip all I thought of was that I would get back to my writing. Little did I know I would be mending my body. My Soul knew all along. 

Divine Timing. I am healing. And I am writing again. And I am not making any more promises. You'll get the book when you get the book. And you'll get your bonuses when you get your bonuses. And there won't ever be any apologies. Ever. And you will forever be in gratitude for the gift of "Wake the Fuck Up!" as it will nourish you and tickle you into a world of miraculous fantasy that reflects to you your very Essence! 

I love you with all my heart and soul. Truly I do!