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Krishna Rose

Krishna Rose

High Springs, Florida

While living with her teacher in India, Krishna became aware of the secret life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which evolved into a 22 year quest researching this epic tale.

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About the author

Krishna Rose was born and raised in England - a landscape steeped in history, poetry, and music, which all became strong influences in her life.  She held a successful career in London promoting famous musicians including Whitney Houston, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, and many others.

Whilst visiting India in 1996 she met a famed Yuga-Acharya Saint, and it was from their discussions that the ache in her to write the story of Woman in Red was conceived.  Leaving London and her career behind, her life-journey evolved into a twenty-two year quest pursuing obscure texts and visiting important archeological and historical sites all around the world in order to accurately research her novel Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks - which narrates an important piece of untold history.

Krishna Rose is a singer-songwriter having recently released her third studio album, also entitled Woman in Red, which is a musical accompaniment to her debut historical novel. 

“The new album Woman in Red by Krishna Rose is grounded in classical and traditional invocations which are clearly inspired by history, folklore and spirituality. Nyckelharper, cello's and Viking drums, interspersed with subtle acoustic guitar, create striking atmospheres which off-set the poetic words and ethereal voice of this British-born songstress – as she weaves her tapestry of womanhood and its contemplative power through the music with her refined dramatic vocals and thought provoking lyrics.”
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Update #1 - WOMAN IN RED - Magdalene Speaks is live! Feb. 23, 2019

Dear friends,

Today we opened doors for pre-orders of my new book Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks ... and we are off to a great start!  It's been live for just a few hours and already we are 25% towards our target goal!  Wow!  Thank you all for your wonderful support.

Please share with your friends... lets make the world a better place!

Starting with us,

Blessings of the Goddess,


Krishna Rose