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Krishna Rose

Krishna Rose

High Springs, Florida

While living with her teacher in India, Krishna became aware of the secret life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which evolved into a 22 year quest researching this epic tale.

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About the author

Krishna Rose was born and raised in England - a landscape steeped in history, poetry, and music, which all became strong influences in her life.  She held a successful career in London promoting famous musicians including Whitney Houston, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, and many others.

Whilst visiting India in 1996 she met a famed Yuga-Acharya Saint, and it was from their discussions that the ache in her to write the story of Woman in Red was conceived.  Leaving London and her career behind, her life-journey evolved into a twenty-two year quest pursuing obscure texts and visiting important archeological and historical sites all around the world in order to accurately research her novel Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks - which narrates an important piece of untold history.

Krishna Rose is a singer-songwriter having recently released her third studio album, also entitled Woman in Red, which is a musical accompaniment to her debut historical novel. 

“The new album Woman in Red by Krishna Rose is grounded in classical and traditional invocations which are clearly inspired by history, folklore and spirituality. Nyckelharper, cello's and Viking drums, interspersed with subtle acoustic guitar, create striking atmospheres which off-set the poetic words and ethereal voice of this British-born songstress – as she weaves her tapestry of womanhood and its contemplative power through the music with her refined dramatic vocals and thought provoking lyrics.”
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Magdalene Speaks

For the first time ever - the "what happened next" story of the most famous people in history is unveiled, as Magdalene holds the greatest legacy dangerously in her womb.

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Literary Fiction Historical Fiction
170,000 words
100% complete
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For the first time ever, the biggest fake-news story in history is unveiled within a “what happened next” chronicle narrating the real-life adventures of the most legendary people of all time.  In an enthralling yet scandalous saga, Mary Magdalene, the most misunderstood woman in history, discovers a prophetic secret which takes her on a heroic journey into the depths of the unchartered realms - in a quest to save humanity from itself.  She finds herself holding an intriguing legacy in her hands, and more dangerously in her womb.

Jesu, heir to the Thrones of both Herod and David, is dead.  Nailed to a cross to satisfy the political desires of Caiaphas and the high-priests of Judea, Herod-Agrippa succumbed, agreeing to have this 'upstart' quelled.  Yet neither of these powerful men are aware of another plot; an agreement between Joseph of Arimathea and Pontius Pilate to keep Jesu alive - at all costs.  

Yet even the most carefully conceived schemes have a way of taking unexpected turns.

Hearing of Caiaphas' sinister plan to parade Jesu’s body through the streets of Jerusalem to forever dispel the belief that he was the long-awaited Messiah of their people - Mary Magdalene and Joseph surreptitiously move Jesu’s body to another, more secluded tomb.

The Messianic Throne is up for grabs and in order to fulfill the Prophecy, he must rise again. 

Mary, in a desperate move to save the life of her long-time friend and protect his legacy,  sets wheels in motion which ensure their fateful dynastic proclamation.  In an inspired quest to understand the plight of humankind she bravely travels into death, ploughing through seven hell's and seven heavens on a journey which will change her forever.

The refined and irresistible voice of a spurned woman, gives cause to our souls. 

Mary’s utterly relatable life-journey will draw you in and transform you, as through her story confidential intrinsic truths are revealed.

Allow Woman in Red to seduce you.  You won’t be disappointed.

Prophecy spoke of two Messiah's.  Jesu was the first.  

Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks is to be the first novel in a series on persecuted women in history.  For example - the next book would be Woman in Red - Morgana Speaks - then Woman in Red - Boleyn speaks etc.


(1)  Sacrifice - The opening chapter is the highly descriptive visual experience of the crucifixion of Jesu - told through the eyes of Mary Magdalene - this is the "what happened next" of the most famous story in history - which people know nothing of;

(2)  Secrets - Joseph of Arimathea gets word from Temple priests that Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin plan to parade the dead body of Jesu through the streets of Judea once Shabbat is done -  In secret, Joseph and Magdalene therefore move Jesu's body to another, more private tomb, in the dead of night - breaking all the laws of Shabbat to protect him in death, as they did in life;

(3)  Righteousness - The Holy family grieves in private - while Joseph of Arimathea conceives another clandestine plan with Magdalene, which will change the course of history forever;

(4)  Forbearance - Magdalene vividly recounts her brother Lazarus being raised from the dead, wishing she had such a power to command over death, for she is beside herself with sorrow; Joseph of Arimathea's intriguing plans are set into motion;

(5)  Resurrection - Magdalene, mourning her loss, remembers the many tragic twists and turns of her life - history is rewritten - as the truth is revealed.  Cornered, her hand is forced by fate, into a lie, for the sake of her unborn child; Joseph of Arimathea discovers a miracle which ensures the fate of them all;

(6)  Bravery - Riots errupt in the City of Jerusalem as word gets out that Jesu's body has been removed by the disciples.  The gossip mill is churning with talk of a risen Messiah.  The apostles consequently go deep into hiding - faithless and frozen in fear; Determined to be the first one to see the risen Master, Peter rushes to the tomb, seeing the stone rolled open, there is no sign of his Master's body, he grabs the bloody burial shrouds as evidence of the Messiah's resurrection.  Returning to the others he tells a well rehearsed tale of having seen the risen Master, in order to place himself stragetically above all others;

(7)  Surrender - Magdalene offers inspiration to the desolate, confused disciples who are terrified of being arrested - she shares private teachings to give them hope, which enrage Peter who doubts her - while the words she speaks cause the Angels to weep, for their meaning is so deep;

(8)  Faith - Mother Mary and Magdalene collect their belongings and withdraw to Galillee with the extended family - escaping the unrest in Jerusalem - Magdalene hears the call of her spirit - and her visions begin;

(9)  Vulnerability - Magdalene reveals historical truths, society knows nothing of - she remembers how she was forced into a marriage with the late John the Baptist  - scandal drapes heavily over this chapter - as the lies of 2,000 years are uncovered;

(10)  Mercy - Peter and the disciples gather, and the risen Master appears to them - Magdalene's words were truth - Peter panics.  Jesu appears to family, friends and disciples  - and the Temple Priests are desperate, resorting to extortion and bribery in order to quell the rumors of the Messianic risen King who was on the lips of everyone in the marketplace;

(11)  Nobility - Magdalene and Mother Mary are reunited with their risen hero in Galillee - Jesu's injuries are still yet life threatening - the risen King is weak, tormented, and withdrawn. Magdalene, in a trance vision becomes the woman in red - anointed and Messianic - the plot thickens;

(12)  Tolerance - First Sabbath as a family reunited - Jesu learns of Judas's suicide and travels deep into death in order to recapture his friends' soul from the demons who have him - history is rewritten as the truth of Judas is revealed; Jesu opens up about his ordeal in graphic detail and shares snippets of the things he witnessed within the pastures of death;

(13)  Wisdom - Jesu prophecizes things to come, in his name - and Joseph of Arimathea moves Jesu and the Holy family out of Judea to Scetis, in the mountain ranges of Egypt. Magdalene is blessed with a vision which changes her fundamentally forever - as the truth of her existence is revealed unto her - prophecy will be fulfilled;

(14)  Initiation - Life in Scetis, with the Theraputae, who work day and night to heal Jesu of his infections and wounds; Magdalene gives birth to the first born son Jesus Justus - as Jesu's sister Salome, admits complicity in the Baptists beheading; Magdalene remembers the circumstances of her unhappy marriage to John, and the situation which led to Salome begging for the head of the Baptist; Salome is forgiven by the High Priests  - here - the truth of that saga is revealed - for nothing but lies have been told to date - Jesu's true bloodline is revealed - who was his father really?  History is rewritten;

(15)  Courage - Magdalene, in a series of spiritual visions, moves beyond the First Veil, and the tragedy of human existance is revealed to her; Sarah Tamar broods over the loss of her father, the Baptist; 

(16)  Deliverance - The explosive story of Jesu's father is revealed - King Herod's plan to force the hand of fate for his bloodline; Mother Mary's explosive - tragic love-story;

(17)  Light - John the Baptist - outrageous accusations fly;

(18)  Confidence - Herod-Antipas discovers his mothers wicked plot to see him crowned victorious and is plagued by a great sickness within his mind; The Watchers are revealed to Magdalene, as she discovers the Second Veil;

(19)  Eagerness - the Holy family are ushered out of Egypt by ship, to Gaul, in order to avoid capture; Revolts errupt; Jesu's wounds cause untold suffering - he opens up about his crucifixion in unparalelled profound yet gruesome detail, describing his journey beyond the heavenly realms in order to reach the Eternal - and his soul groans in grief, as he recalls leaving the Lord, returning to this world; God and His Kingdom is revealed in reverent detail for the first time in history;

(20)  Healing - Jesu reveals a stunning revelation to Magdalene - and her Messianic status and mission is revealed;

(21)  Atonement - Life in Gaul, settling into communities of Essene Jews - Jesu teaches for the first time since the crucifixion - incomparable never-before-heard teachings are brought to light, which have power to shake the foundations of all humanities' illusions; 

(22)  Obedience - Magdalene is taken by Angels into the shadowlands to face her darkest fears; Sarah Tamar is betrothed to Prince Phillip of Compastella; Salome faces the spirit of the Baptist; Herod-Antipas has a vision of a future life where he takes the head of his wife - Salome - as payment for the Baptist's head - incredible truth of history is revealed;

(23)  Soberness - Life in Ephesus; Rumors spread that Mother Mary is Isis, and Jesu Her risen son Horus; Jesu errupts into a flood of teachings which bring tears to the eyes of all the Angels;

(24)  Respect - Jesu feels the call of the Gypsy Trail - and the desert life of the Silk Road is unveiled; Incognito the Holy family travel with the gypsies - the history of religion is revealed; Jesu meets Roman soldier Saul who is out to kill him - amazing things transpire - revelations -  Jesu teaches Saul, who becomes initiated as Paul - this chapter is very moving - many a tear will be shed reading this chapter.

(25)  Devotion - Kashmir - the lost Tribes - Tomb of Moses - revelation of Eden - ancient propecy is fulfilled when Jesu meets King Shalivahana, and we bear witness to instructions which shake the foundations of faith; Jesu sets straight the vision of what is, and what is not reality, while the King and his subjects are astonished; Jesu's fame spreads throughout Kashmir, and people flock to him for miraculous healing;

(26)  Duty -  Angelic visions instruct Jesu to construct a heavenly Temple - King Shalivahana sets out fulfilling his Master's dream; Magdalene is with child and ushered back to Gaul in order to give birth; The darkness and light of Earth is revealed; The truth of these accounts were submerged to propagate lies for political and financial gain - here evidence of Jesu's life after the crucifixion is unveiled;

(27)  Humility - Crossing the Bridge of Mortality, Magdalene travels into the inner-realm to see the Lake of Mystery, and to drink from the well of Wisdom - here she is gifted with four challenges which she must face - and four items to strengthen her resolve; Jesu remains in Kashmir until their restitution in 3 years, while Magdalane returns to her family in Gaul; The marriage of Sarah Tamar to Prince Phillip of Compastela is celebrated.

(28)  Kindness - Magdalene visits Four Sacred Halls within the Castle of Redepmtion, where she faces a destructive fire which burns all falsity in her, to ashes; Magdalene gives birth to Josephes-Yehuda (Joses) - second grail child.

(29)  Steadiness - Standing within the Hall of Mirrors, we face the seven-sins which bring humanity untold suffering; Jesu discovers an ancient scripture - his miracles grow expedentially, as do his followers; News comes from Jerusalem from brother James; Paul and Peter create lies to gain control over the masses, and Magdalene is forced to meet them face to face in Rome, in a rapturous battle between apostles vying for position and power; 

(30)  Final Instructions - Magdalene leaves society behind, chosing to live in the caves of Provence for total absorption; Within the inner-realms, which require her full attention, she sets about fulfilling her Messianic destiny - while her sister Martha becomes a hero in a small town, in a magnificent fearless quest to rid the locals of a fearsome beast;  In her silence, Magdalene reaches great heights of realization, sharing with the world her "final instructions" - so beautiful - that they induce the stone-hearted non-believers to weep.

(31)  The Final Lesson - Longinus Gaius visits Magdalene in the caves, he is plagued with guilt and the deepest revelations of what took place during and after the crucifixion are revealed; Magdalene catches a fever and death suddenly is upon her - weeping for Jesu - he comes to her in vision and they exchange earth shattering gratitudes - Magdalene dies in Jesu's arms, not realizing in her delirium, that he had come to her at the last - a sweeping moving tear-jerking chapter on all levels!

(32)  Benevolence - Jesu buries Magdalene in a manner befitting a Queen, and hears news that the Temple in Jerusalem has fallen - his prediction is fulfilled; Brother James is stoned to death on the steps of the Temple - some believe the Temple fell when he died - for so great was his devotion;

(33)  Seven Hells - Magdalene's soul, now free from mortal coil, enters the Seven Veils and Realms of Hell, where she bears witness to a blood-stained landscape, full of spine-chilling realities - here she is privy to the truth of life and death, within the darkest regions of the shadowlands - where only the wicked face their iniquities; 

(34)  Seven Heavens - Paradise revealed, as Magdalene is shown the Seven Heavens - the unseen lavish luxurious landscapes of Paradise, unfurl upon the imagination, and spiritual secrets heal 2,000 years of lies; Reunited with her long lost mother and father she understands the plight of separation; Drinking from the Fountain of Immortality; An exquisite peek at the after-life;

(35) Rebirth - Returning to Earth, many centuries have passed, forgetful of her previous life, she receives coded messages, which were stragetically placed by well-wishers throughout her life, to awaken her to her Messianic destiny - in a last-ditch attempt to save humanity from itself;


Because of the incredible vivid visual nature of Krishna Rose's book WOMAN IN RED, and it's mystical, mythical as well as historical elements - WOMAN IN RED can be marketed to the following people.  Her wish would be to also see WOMAN IN RED become a tv-drama-series.

Game of Thrones - 100 million books sold; Made into most successful TV series in history;

Lord of the Rings - Book series - also made into one of the most watched movies series in history - surpassed only by Harry Potter;

Harry Potter - 6.3 billion watchers;

Outlander - 28 million copies sold - plus 3 million watchers of the tv series - per episode - live on tv - in the USA alone - as they are released;

There are other groups of targeted people focused on for this book:

1.  People who are into new age / self-help / yoga and meditation / prayer / positive thinking / angels.

2.  Conspiracy theorists and alternative media watchers - a HUGE market;

3.  Gnostics and mystics;

4.  Spiritual seekers of all paths - who wish to be inspired and uplifted in their own faiths;

5.  History buffs - people who love a well researched historical book / novel;

6.  Christians who want more - they want to know the real story of Jesus - separate from what the Church has fed them for 2,000 years - what happened next - after the crucifixion - did he really survive his ordeal - just to float off on a cloud never to be seen again?  Or was there more to this story than meets the eye?

7.  Holy Grail seekers & Legends like King Arthur - people reading Da Vinci Code, Kathleen McGowan, Kate Mosse etc.  People who are searching for the answers - what is the Holy Grail, who was Jesus, who were his family members, where are his descendents now, what was the purpose of him coming to earth?  What happens to us after death?  What is the goal of our existence?  These kinds of things.  This is a huge market as it also includes those who are seekers of all spiritual matters and faiths - Krishna Rose's book is non-denominational - anyone of any faith can pick it up and love it and become inspired by it.


Krishna Rose is currently working with a team of social media marketing experts who are building up her following and subscribers.  They have a fantastic marketing campaign in place, including blog posts, video interviews, emails, facebook posts and ads - which are all targeted to the above mentioned groups of people.  

Krishna Rose started a new Facebook group called Holy Grail Experience recently in which she shares inspiration from her "Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks" book, along with teachings and secrets of history revealed within this book.  There are 845 members who have just joined to be a part of this group.  Some of her posts are reaching up to 80,000 people, with thousands of shares which is unprecendented according to Sequoia Impact. There is a tremendous interest in what she is writing.  She currently has close to 10,000 followers on Social media which is increasing daily, and her private email subscribers are growing by thousands per week. There is a huge market of people flocking to her every day asking when the book will be ready, intrigued by this subject matter, begging for more.  

Several thousand people have downloaded and read the first chapter of her book and the response has been outstanding.  She has received many heartfelt outpourings, such as: "I had to put it down inbetween beccause I's so powerful!" - Dunja Zupanec. "Phenomenal, can't wait for you to get the book out!!!!:" - Rod Rickard.  "Your words are like pictures, I could really visualize what happened. It’s as if the words are coming from Mary Magdalene herself. Thank you.” - John Aughney

Krishna Rose's new website ( has been 'live' for a short time (November 24th 2018).  She has a Teachings section there, wherein multiple articles have been presented, some of which are being published in magazines for promotional purposes to support the book in 2019.  

Krishna Rose has three funnels of marketing plans in place to optimize targeted interest.  One group - Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones visual book and movie followers - as her book is very visually imaginative.  Second group - New age, spiritual, yoga, self-help.  Third group - Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code, conspiracy, and alternative news followers - a massive market (see above for figures).  

She expects the marketing growth and the numbers of people reached to continue expedentially between now and the time of her book release as she and her team are working diligently to get the music, music video's, book, and the teachings - out there. 


Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code - 2003 - Book and movie - Random House - 100 million copies sold - surpassed only by Harry Potter.  

- How Krishna Rose's book differs from Da Vinci Code - Her writing style is highly refined to truly reflect the authentic moods of the time period and noble nature of the characters who are revealed here for the first time in history.  Yet deeper than this, Woman in Red brings to light secret, de-coded teachings of Jesu and Mary Magdalene which to date have never been made public.  There is an ancient Prophecy leaked within this story which explains the reasons for all humanities woe's.  Wrapped around the incredible story of these most fascinating people in history - are life instructions which surpass even the best of self-help books on the market shelves today.  This makes this book unique in and of itself.  Woman in Red has a really magical quality to it, for while The Da Vinci Code had power to make people question religious history, and perhaps even change their minds about how it was presented, Woman in Red has the key to understanding the tragedy of human life experience, uncovering the lies and offering the solutions to our problems.  Woman in Red inspires our reason for living, unveiling our reasons for dying, and the cause of all suffering.  Ultimately, Woman in Red offers solutions by which humanity can unlock the unconscious behavior patterns which drive our everyday lives -  the rousing, thought provoking conversations, throw before us a hall of mirrors, by which every part of our hidden selves is revealed honestly.  This pricks our conscience in a very real way, spurring movement to go beyond the fickle tides, in order to search out innate freedom and ulltimate fulfillment.  This book is not like any other, yet it is here compared to Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code - for both expose the corruption and lies surrounding the story of Mary Magdalene and Jesu.  However, wrapped around Woman in Red's thrilling page-turning story is the "what happened next" events which to date no one has reported on, or published.

Philippa Gregory - Historical Novelist - 1987 to 2018 - many books, also became tv mini-series / movies - Touchstone and Simon & Schuster - over 10 million books sold in the USA alone;

- Woman in Red compares with the books of Philippa Gregory because Gregory writes exceptionally well researched books always on the subject matter of women in history. What sets Krishna Rose apart, is that information Gregory shares in her books are available to all, there is nothing 'new' or scandalous about the things she reveals, though her stories are indeed intriguiging!  However, Krishna Rose's Woman in Red exposes the biggest fake-news stories in history, which have shaped our world.  Gregory's books are also of the historical novel genre - however Woman in Red crosses boundaries of culture, class, belief and even genre's - simple said - it has the power to change people's lives, it most certainly is not 'just a novel'.  Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks offers tangible practical solutions to our problems, through the story of this most enigmatic misunderstood woman in history. Mary Magdalene's name keeps coming up for air - and for good reason too!  All will be revealed!  Krishna Rose has spent 22 years researching for this story, and therefore it is as close to the real story of Jesu, Magdalene, and their extended family, as anyone could ever get - it is not party to the propaganda which spread in their names.  

Kate Mosse - Labyrinth - 2005 -  Penguin Group UK. - 1,247,742 books sold;

- Kate Mosse's books are well researched and well written.  She 'hints' at truth, but doesn't go beyond.  Woman in Red, though also historical in nature and thoroughly well researched, is far more fulfilling to read - as the reader is left with much to contemplate. Perhaps for the rest of their lives readers of this book will remember and return to Woman in Red as a work-book for life - Woman in Red is definitely not 'just' a novel.

Kathleen McGowan - The Expected One - 2006 - Simon And Schuster - Over 1 million books sold in the USA;

- Fantastic book - well written, a real page turner.  Though the subject matter is the same, in the sense of being about the hidden story of Magdalene and her life with Jesu - the solutions are not given. McGowan, though wonderful, is vague in her understanding of real history, therefore her accounts are not as authentic as it could have been. McGowan's religious conditioning clouds her ability to see the true story beyond the lies of her faith.  The Expected One ends at the crucifixion because she knows nothing of what happened next - most do not.  Woman in Red picks up the story at the Crucifixion, going on to explain exactly what happened that day . . .  and the next . . .  and the next, and long into the future.  People have been hood-winked.  The true story is about to be unveiled for the first time in 2,000 years after nothing but cloak and dagger lies.  McGowan claims to have unlocked a prophecy (which is about her own self).  In Krishna Rose's 22 years researching for this book, she has unlocked a prophecy which we all are a part of - a renaissance of thought and consciousness.  The solutions of the world depend on every person who reads the book, not only one woman.  This makes Woman in Red tangibly real for every one of us. 

J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter -  1997 to 2007 - Bloomsbury - also made into movie series - 500 million books sold.

Woman in Red is compared to JK Rowling's Harry Potter because of the very magical and visual elements found within her writings and story-line.  Woman in Red differs to Harry Potter in the sense that it is not a children's book. It offers profound wisdom which really can help humanity at large - not just in an imagined way like in the case of Harry Potter.  An example of this would be the 'evil' character of Voldemort who is a fictional character eventually slain by the hero Harry.  In Woman in Red the 'evil' is found in real life characters in history who went on to control and claim power for themselves over the mass populace successfully.  Mary Magdalene is the heroine of our tale, yet each of us can entirely relate to her plight, for she is a woman scorned.  JK Rowling writes a series of wonderful books on the subject of her hero - Harry Potter.  Woman in Red - Magdalene Speaks is the first in a series on persecuted women in history - these are not made up characters - and the worlds our heroes visit are not made-up worlds like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley - but real places described in obscure scrolls and scriptures, wherein the worlds of the afterlife are described for the first time ever, in great visual detail. Readers take a journey into the under-worlds and over-worlds - and the hero becomes YOU - the reader.

J. R. Tolkien - Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit - 1954 - Allen & Unwin Publishers - 100 million books sold;

One reason Tolkien's worlds became so popular is due to the arresting visual nature of the worlds he created and imagined.  Everyone wants to walk through the Elven Forests or live like Hobbits in the picture perfect natural world of community, fun and frolics.  People are tired of the way modern life is expressed and presented, for it holds little room for togetherness and imagination - both of which are the keys to humanity's happiness and fulfillment.  Sadly we are as a society now lost to video games and social media. People flock to stories, video games, and movies, which offer a glimpse into other worlds. Why is this theme so utterly appealing and successful?  Woman in Red takes readers to actual worlds which are said to exist in the beyond. These are not figments of the Author's imagination, for the worlds which are revealed within Woman in Red are places which are documented in incredible detail within the oldest known texts in the world.  These incredible striking realities exist on other planes of consciousness, and especially once death comes to take our souls into the afterlife.  Tolkien would be proud of Krishna Rose if he were to read this book - for the worlds he imagined were both fierce and terrifying, yet also beautiful and holy - the dichotomy of light and dark is apparent.  So too it is with Woman in Red, yet the places are real.  For the vivid lands of the under-worlds are based on obscure scripture - and the over-worlds (heavens) - describe layer upon layer of heavenly worlds - are ethereal wonderlands.  The descriptions are graphic, like Tolkien's worlds, yet they are different due to the essence being authentic and never revealed to the world in plain English language.

17 publishers interested
Apocryphile Press logo Apocryphile Press

250 copies • Partial manuscript • Looking for religion at the margins, soulful spirituality, mystical poetry, and badass Christian fiction.
Apocryphile Press is a small, new-paradigm publishing company based in the San Francisco East Bay. We specialize in edgy spirituality, and pretty much anything that snags our fancy. We are especially interested at this time in literary or genre fiction with a spiritual bent that portrays religious people in realistic ways. (Translation: if your religious characters aren't deeply flawed and don't cuss, don't send it to us.)

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Number of print copies tba with author on basis of market prediction • Completed manuscript desirable although we also work with authors to develop ideas • Looking for diverse contemporary and historical fiction, literary fiction, and crime fiction, as well as non-fiction arts and culture, particularly film and music from a diverse perspective.
Aurora Metro Books is an award-winning independent publisher based in London established for more than 30 years, We have published over 250 authors from around the world including Germaine Greer, Meera Syal, Benjamin Zephaniah, Jean-Claude Carriere and Nawal el Sadaawi. We publish both in print and digital and distribute our books in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. We sell rights internationally at bookfairs and devise a marketing campaign with the author.

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'The British Beat Explosion' was voted best Blues Book 2014, and 'Silent Women: pioneers of cinema' was voted best book on silent film in 2016. Our new series for 2020 has kicked off with '50 Women in the Blues' receiving universal acclaim, followed by '50 Women Sculptors' launched in association with the Royal Society of Sculptors.

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500 copies • Partial manuscript • Looking for fiction, non-fiction, and children's book genres, all having one thing in common: an individual's originality and hardship.
Black Rose Writing is an independent publishing house that strongly believes in developing a personal relationship with their authors. The Texas-based publishing company doesn't see authors as clients or just another number on a page, but rather as individual people who deserve an honest review of their material and to be paid traditional royalties without ever paying any fees to be published. We are proud members of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association), a recognized ITW (International Thriller Writers) publisher, members of Publishers Marketplace, and currently serving on the Ingram Publisher Advisory Board.

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You won't see us expressing interest on every book - just the ones we really like.

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Akasha Publishing logo Akasha Publishing

Akasha Publishing is an independent self-publishing company located in London/Surrey. Akasha publishes Trade (fiction and non-fiction), and Young Adult (YA) books, specifically in these subjects: African and Caribbean interest, fantasy, science fiction, spirituality, metaphysical, Mind, Body and Spirit, ancient and classical history, alternative history, economics, biographies and autobiographies.

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Children Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mind & Body, Science Fiction & Fantasy, YA Fiction, Biography & Memoir, History, Personal Growth & Self-Improvement, Religion & Spirituality

United Kingdom, Kenya, United States

BBL Publishing logo BBL Publishing

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Cranthorpe Millner logo Cranthorpe Millner

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Cranthorpe Millner operates a hybrid publishing model. This means, should an author pass our editors’ strict filtering system, we can offer different kinds of agreements depending on the author and the manuscript. With some authors, we work under a ‘traditional’ model, whereby we cover the full cost of publication and the author is offered industry-standard royalties (8-10%). To some authors, we offer what we call a partnership or contributory agreement, whereby the author is asked for a financial contribution so that we may share the risk and enter into a partnership together to publish the author’s book. In this case, the author receives around 60-75% royalties.

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250 copies • Completed manuscript.
i2i Publishing was founded by Lionel Ross and asks for a small financial contribution towards costs.

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250 copies • Completed manuscript.
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“To sacrifice, means to surrender something of value, in order to gain something more valuable.” - KR


“It is finished,” I heard him say, as his head and body went limp.  Death was upon him. 

A great silence wove its wicked web ready to devour me in grief.  I trembled, his vacant eyes staring towards where we stood. I let out an uncontrollable scream and fell to my knees, weak with grief.  Rocking back and forth swooning my voice choked with tears. I had no power to change the course of destiny’s bitter wheel all I could do was bear witness to that which I was warned would come to pass.  

My world crumbled before me in those darkest of hours.  Time slowed. My heart was broken. I wanted the pain to end but I knew there would be no escape from the loneliness which had now become my life.  It would be my cross to bear until I breathed my last. For my love was gone. 

The wailing women on the hills behind us began their mournful cries perfectly affirming this most awful moment of predetermined fate.  Despair had me gulping at the air, overwhelmed by the cruel hand of suffering. Ashen faced my Uncle Joseph took my hand, helping me to my feet.  My pregnant belly now a stark reminder of my woeful situation, a child without a father, a wife without a husband, a disciple without a Master. I would within one year be married off to my husband’s closest male relative . . . passed like a cup, like a possession, not a free woman.

I had loved Jesu for as long as I had breath in my body.  He had been my childhood friend and my teacher from the first moment our eyes met over a feast when we were children.  All that I held sacred was within him. Frozen in grief with his mother, The Mary, who was hunched over in a torment so great which only a mother could know, together we held one another and wept bitterly.  Her grip on my arm was tight and terrified. 

The Mary wished more than anything that she could squeeze out her own life airs to give breath to her son, my husband.  Groaning she beat her breast hard with her left fist. She had once nurtured her son from that same breast, yet now it was agonizingly dry and empty as her son, who hung limp upon the cross before her.  The wind whirled about us like a mighty requiem, while a bitter darkness descended upon the few of us left joined in grief upon this hill of ruin. Our terrified family, pale and grave, felt something awful stirring in the air.  We had stood transfixed and somber, forced to witness true agony, and together we cried a river of tears to prove it. Never would any of us be the same again. 

The memories of those grotesque and twisted moments brought about by the hands of vulgar men would forever torment me.  Theirs was a fool’s paradise for commercial interest alone drove their insidious displays of religious grandeur, and I was certain their future was ill-omened.  Though it would be my grief which would eventually drive them to their own self-destruction.

I had heard about the dark Roman ritual of crucifixion from some of the women in our community who had lost family and friends to the Roman thirst for order.  But never had I witnessed one, and now as I stood there I remembered their stories and shared in their grief. I didn’t know it then but it was to be the beginning of what would become a life dedicated to the eventual ruin of all those who caused this most startling display of human savagery.  For neither they, nor I, knew that one day my name would be a force to be reckoned with, from this life to the next, and the next, and on . . . until they feared my name.  

For I am Mary, who became The Magdalene.

I swear, celestial choirs, harps, and drums, were circling the air above us as the weeping angels above drenched us with their tears to mingle with our own.  I think none of us knew how to contain the confusion as a bleak gloom descended upon us.

Jesu glanced in our direction with that all-knowing look in his eye which I had grown to love and know.  His eyes closed for the last time in silent passing. A loud clap of thunder roared disapprovingly overhead and my Uncle Joseph shouted commands to the Roman guards to bring Jesu down from the wooden cross which had been the instrument of horror holding the body of the bravest of all men reluctantly.

“It is time,” my Uncle told them, “on the orders of Pilate!” 

Torrents of rain fell from the blackened afternoon sky.  The guards looked confused. In truth they cared not whether this man lived or died.  They never wanted him dead to begin with, they were under orders, and orders must be obeyed.  They knew my Uncle from the Council and overlords of the Jewish Kingdom for he was a wealthy and well-connected man of integrity greatly highly respected by Jewish and Roman leaders alike.  He was known for his patience and wisdom as well as his generosity, just like Jesu. It seemed as if the heavens were coming to earth to collect the soul of its fallen soldier, for never had I seen such a storm.  

The Romans moved quickly as if they too sensed the impending doom. The taller of the two, took his spear in hand and climbed upon the ladder which lent eerily against the cross. Reaching over, he thrust the spear into Jesu’s side.  My Uncle screamed and within seconds the sun was no longer visible in the sky. We were engulfed in a blanket of heavy darkness, darker than the darkest night of the year. 

Quickly for fear of the gods, they cut the wooden cross at its root and brought Jesu to the ground.  My Uncle immediately sliced the ropes with his knife, drawing the heavy iron nails from Jesu’s feet and wrists.  I could see the blood pour forth from his wounds. Blood and water. I didn’t think of it then, but years later I pondered on that one thing.  If he were dead, how could blood and water still pour from him? Thank the Lord that no one else had that thought. 

The Mary and I ran to Jesu’s broken still slightly-warm body.  His head fell to one side as if he slept just as I had seen him do on so many occasions.  Yet now he lay without any sign of life. Just as the sun had disappeared from the sky so too had Jesu left with it. 

No more would I ever see his chest rise and fall.  How a simple thing as breathing in and out now meant so much, yet went unappreciated in everyday life, I thought to myself.  Some would say Jesu was not so handsome to behold, but in my eyes and the eyes of those who knew him, he was so much more than that.  There were many moments in my life when I had scanned every inch of his nature collecting memories of his limitless dignity and grace knowing one day I would likely have need to recall and retain him in some way in my heart . . . measuring and maintaining the tribute of every moment I had judiciously recorded with him.

John helped us lift his brother’s inert body onto the stretcher, surreptitiously covering Jesu’s distinctive face with a cloth to avoid any further humiliation.  Disheartened, we hurriedly escaped through the darkness, to a burial chamber not far from the place which had destroyed countless lives, cursed by execution. A small procession of us trailed fearfully behind in silence.  The tenuous path was demonstratively sunless. It was hard to see where we trod yet my Uncle’s self-assured footsteps, guided by the light of his devotion, showed the way. 

The Mary and I followed closely behind Jesu’s lifeless body lying disastrously upon the canvas stretcher held between two long wooden poles.  We held our shawls tight over our heads as the wind and rain whipped and twisted at us from all directions. The ground beneath where we walked, pulverized by the sudden change in weather, very quickly became sludge, making it difficult to keep up, for with every step we lost our footing on the slippery slopes making our way down entirely compelled by our joined grief.

Still the wailing women could be heard on the hill.  They had remained despite the profuse trembling and quaking of the elements, which they endured for our sakes.  Their doleful prayers were soothing to my soul in a way that only a grieving widow could understand, for they perfectly expressed the agony of my struggle.  Never again would such a poignant moment in history be recorded in the stars, such as this. 

The funeral rituals would instantly, and in haste, have to be performed before Shabbat began, which like a heroic and valiant friend seemed to have come sooner than expected.  Praise the Lord for Shabbat I thought to myself, for without it we would not have been granted permission to bring Jesu down so early and Jesu’s beaten and tragic life-ending would have been garishly displayed for all to see . . . for at least three days hence. 

I thought of all the wicked and miserly men of my faith who were predisposed to deception, who had demanded Jesu’s death from the Romans, with cowardly pleasure.  To them, he was nothing more than another deftly set aside false-Messiah.

Mindful of the time restraint my Uncle and John carried the stretcher gingerly through the accelerating storm.  Death is the inevitable fate of us all and despite a lifetime of learning nothing had prepared me for a moment such as this.  Grief crept in like a nightmare. I shivered, chilled by the violent upheaval of my sudden loss, and the cold winds which bit at my saturated garments.  I clung wearily to The Mary’s hand who was reluctant to bury her son. 

We reached the sepulcher, and a welcome break in the weather beamed a majestic light from behind the darkest of clouds, curiously interrupting the storm just long enough for us to run into the gaping mouth of the tomb.  We were a most unfortunate family in that moment. A cock crowed. Funny how something that seemingly insignificant would later haunt me.

The baby stirred within my rounded belly and shock, like a great malady, overcame me in weak-kneed heaviness.  I grasped The Mary’s arm to stop myself falling. Frozen together, we stood there a moment silently reflecting upon our uneasiness and dread.  Like a great serpent, the sepulcher would now take Jesu permanently from us. 

“Mariamne your pain is mine, yet providence demands you to rise above your desperation,” she said clutching at me from behind her solemn trance, “your duty as his wife is to prepare my son for his burial.  Be strong for him and for us all, and promise me as you prepare him, that you will remind him of his Mother who bathed him when he was but a child,” she whispered in a broken voice.

I nodded in agreement, apprehensive and suddenly as needy and insecure as a newborn baby myself.  The Mary sensing my fear, acknowledged my harrowed expression and with her hand encouraged me into the chamber.  I, like a most unwilling blind woman walked dismayed past the guards into the crypt, leaving behind the small crowd of gathered mourners.  

(Chapter 1 continues on from here ...)