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Amit Janco

Amit Janco writes stories, makes art, and practices yoga. While walking the Camino de Santiago in 2013, Amit developed—as all upstanding human beings should—an unexpected fondness for donkeys. She also discovered—as all fortunate human beings can—a resolve, strength and healing she’d previously thought out of reach. Amit blogs at and dabbles in social-mediaesque things @amitjanco. Her memoir, titled (Un)bound Together, is her first book.

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Anshu Singh

Pressure to Pleasure

Anshu Singh

Practical tools to help you shift your life - from feeling weighed down with pressure, towards greater pleasure and energy to live stress-free optimum life

Personal Growth & Self-Improvement Soul Inspire Media
Martine Kalaw

Woman Without An Identity

Martine Kalaw

In order to love yourself, you have to discover who loved you first.

Biography & Memoir Sunbury Press
Melissa Gearing

From Peasants Foods to Superfoods

Melissa Gearing

This book guides cooks from all experiences on how to integrate forgotten foods and superfoods into a healthy everyday life.

Cookbooks, Food & Wine Amazon