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Shannon Walbran

Shannon Walbran

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Shannon Walbran is a world-renowned psychic and spiritual mentor with 25,000 clients since 2003, certified life coach, frequent TV, radio, and podcast guest, public speaker, and author of "Guided!"

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About the author

Shannon Walbran is internationally known for her instantaneous and detailed, helpful responses to her clients’ most crucial life questions.

Shannon’s theme is "You Are Guided." As a psychic and spiritual mentor, Shannon connects with your own team of Spirit Guides and angels, who are with you 24/7. She serves as an interpreter to get you the divine guidance and information you need to change your life for the better, particularly on the subjects of career and love.

Born in 1969 in Minnesota, in the United States, Shannon was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools all the way through university. She graduated with a BA in English (plus French, German, and Italian classes) from the University of Dallas in 1991. She then started her career as an English teacher by moving to Slovakia for a year.

Shannon loves languages and has studied ten, with working fluency only in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Being a translator of human languages has been a terrific training for being an angel translator!

In 2003, while meditating in the Sinai Desert in Egypt, Shannon received an “external locution,” meaning a loud, outside voice. The voice said, “Now it’s time for you to help other people!” Giving up her jobs as a teacher, translator, and writer for a non-profit organization, Shannon became a full-time psychic and based herself in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She quickly rose to popularity in South Africa, becoming the resident psychic on top radio stations such as Kaya FM, Metro FM, Radio 2000, and Power FM.

In 2007, Shannon published a collections of case studies and a spiritual autobiography called, “Guided! How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides,” which is now available as an audiobook and an eBook.

She also collected the most effective questions from her years on radio and curated them into the eBook “100 Questions for your Angels and 15 Ways to DIY Your Answers,” which has been downloaded more than 5,000 times.

Meanwhile, Shannon felt called to study other religions in depth, and took up Buddhist practices (especially Vipassana) as well as entering into an Orthodox Judaism conversion course, which she followed for nearly two years.

Shannon has lived in Italy, Slovakia, Bolivia, Brazil, and South Africa. She has visited 50 countries so far and hopes to see most of the world, dividing most of her time between her two homes in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Johannesburg.

Her main work at this time is psychic and spiritual mentoring and coaching, which she does in several ways: writing newsletters, blog posts, and books, on radio, via Skype and phone worldwide, and in her Facebook groups. Her goal is to directly impact 100,000 people with personal divine guidance in the next ten years.
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You Are Guided In Love

21 true stories of divine guidance to open your heart

Feeling hopeless about love?
Open your heart with 21 true stories from world-renowned psychic and spiritual mentor Shannon Walbran, and find out how #YouAreGuided.

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Personal Growth & Self-Improvement
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Love is so complicated!! With online dating, ghosting, third marriages, blended families, and in-laws, is it better to just give up? Wouldn't it be great if you could just google the answers to your love life?

Follow the heartfelt stories of 21 people who do just that: they ask for guidance from international psychic and spiritual mentor Shannon Walbran on live radio, in public group sessions, and in private consultations, and they receive lighting-fast, accurate answers.

Darren asks, "Should I marry my partner even though there's a huge age gap?" Nokukhanya asks, "How can I handle our fights?" Elizabeth asks, "Why do I feel so unfulfilled in every relationship?"

The details that come through in their sessions are spot on. They receive concise, specific solutions to their most challenging love problem.

Now, do they follow their divine guidance? What happens next?

Find out if they find their happily-ever-after!

Apply this angelic advice to your own personal situation with exercises, affirmations, and journaling prompts so that you can open your heart to new and better love.

Shannon Walbran is a well-loved psychic and coach, but she has also had her share of heartache. Her brother died when she was 18, initiating two decades of wild and wide-ranging self-discovery, struggles with addictions, two marriages and divorces, the birth of her first child at 40, and the challenges of co-parenting.

Through it all, Shannon turns to her own angels and Spirit Guides for help, holding on to guidance like a flashlight in a dark forest, taking one step at a time to reach her current state: happy co-parenting, super-successful career, financial stability, deep self-love, and steady recovery with 5 years of sobriety.

In the book You Are Guided In Love, Shannon guides you, as she has guided more than 25,000 people since 2003, toward hope and fresh insights into your past, current, and future love relationships. Take action to improve your relationships!

Why support this book?

  • The Gottman Institute on marriage and family has discovered that most relationship problems (69%) never get resolved but are “perpetual” problems based on personality differences between partners.
  • 91% of members have attended college, and yet academic success does not correlated with love success: Match predicts a 69% increase in new singles signing on to the app.
  • Quora, the question-asking site, has 76.2k questions about romance.
  • Shannon has 7.7k Facebook followers with active engagement, 2.7k Facebook private group members in the Shannon Walbran Psychic School, 11.9k Twitter followers, and 3500 newsletter readers with a 35% open rate.
  • Shannon is a certified life coach who has appeared on radio and TV regularly since 2004, with up to 8 million listeners (Metro FM in Johannesburg); she has hosted her own programs and is currently a frequent guest on many shows and podcasts.

Similar titles

  • Invisible Acts of Power: Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life, Caroline Myss, Atria Books 2004, Simon and Shuster 2006. You Are Guided in Love is less dense and more accessible but has the same credibility and uplifting nature.
  • You Can Heal Your heart, Louise L. Hay, 2014, Hay House. You Are Guided in Love has practical exercises and anecdotes like this one, but is more up-to-date and inclusive.
  • Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want, Barbara Sher, 2004, Ballantine. You Are Guided in Love shares and parallels Barbara Sher’s effective strategies for making real changes in your life, this time in the sphere of love.


Adults who are hopeless about love and ready to try new strategies to make their relationships work, finally.

Advance praise

Kgomotso "KG" Moeketsi, top Radio 2000 and TV host of "Show Me Love," who has had Shannon as a guest for many years: "Shannon is a true reminder that there’s more, and we are divinely guided, but mostly, that we are divinely loved. Thank you for moving my life Shannon!"

Refiloe Matsela, radio producer for Power FM: "Whenever we have Shannon on our show, the phone lines go crazy! I had to handle 1, 250 calls in one hour!"

Tenille Hohdahl, client: "Shannon, I hope you know how important your work is. You change lives, and I'm eternally grateful that our paths have crossed in this lifetime."

Genevieve Edwards, client (published as a Facebook review): "Ahhh! Where do I start?
My life has changed and improved in leaps and bounds since I started regular consulting using Shannon's unique skills as a Spirit Guide Interpreter!
I get practical, step-by-steps that have led me to settle fantastically easily on a new continent, move from chaos and confusion to calm certainty and love regarding my childhood, and much more!
Honestly - if you're emotionally, physically or spiritually feeling 'stuck' in any way, Shannon and your Guides have the answers for you that will empower you to take the necessary steps to have better relationships and create happiness. I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough. Truly. She is a blessing in my life."

Cindy Thomas, client (published as a Facebook review): "Shannon is an amazing soul whom I’ve been blessed to have in my life for the last 4 years! I appreciate the pure messages from my Guides and the direct coaching in the Seekers Group! I’ve grown tremendously, taking on the guidance and living my life with ease!"

Liesl Rohland, client (published as a Facebook review): "Besides being an amazing human being, Shannon shows up, everytime, so i trust her, and the way she brings the answers through is perfectly tuned into the way i need to hear it. As I am stubborn and sometimes resist the answer to the question I asked, Shannon stays with me until I can see and feel the truth of it, and then off I go. I love the precise details of the answers, and truly some of the answers have blown my mind! I have been guided through the most recent chapter shift in my life, so lovingly and supportively by Shannon, the message givers and the Sisters in the Seeker Sisters group. My path on my journey has felt scary sometimes as I was stepping into the unknown next chapter, but it's sooo comforting to know that IAM GUIDED! I love this group and I am eternally blessed to have encountered Shannon Walbran."

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